Islam teaches lessons of Harmony to Human beings

Author : Mollana Obaid Ullah Sindhi

Translation By Farman Nawaz

The Holy Quran is the interpreter of the core philosophy of all humankind. This philosophy of values will be in the world till judgment day. The prime code of all religious convictions and truth-seekers is this philosophy of values. It may be entitled the temperament of divinity, faith or human conscious. This human conscious is represented by prophets, reformers and pious people. The philosophy of values is tarnished with the course of time, so again and again new interpreters and beatific were considerably required to put together it wholesome. This thought of values is universal, eternal, everlasting and undying.

Of course in the Quran the outfits of this thinking are Arabic words. And attention is paid to the necessaries of surroundings to make clear explanation of the right and wrong. But humanitarian person identify what is whispered in this manuscript and what is ahead of the border line of terminologies? The Bible, The Githa and The Torah are also interpreters of human conscious. But their erroneous connotation can be atheism. The individual, who inaccurately interpreted the Bible and the Torah, were declared nonbeliever by Islam. In the same way the person who incorrectly explains the Quran, can be declared Atheist.

The real and supreme intention of the Quran is the well-mannered and heartfelt humankind. The teachings which are ready to lend a hand in the superiority and growth of ordinary human beings are ultimate. And the teachings which are stumbling block in the evolution of humanity are erroneous. The expansion of genuine civilization is the faith of a Muslim. And this genuine civilization and humanity is the guardian of divine rule. This is called a true faith.

Islam did not move toward to bulldoze other religions. It accepts as true the basic veracity of all religions and believes in the entity of all nations. When we study the past than we observe that one nation accepts any religion but with the passage of time it modifies the fundamental principles of the religion and lastly the religion of humanity is nationalized. And this nation insists that their religion is for the entire human race, they are the selected few to represent humanity and all other people are infidel and benighted. And at last time draw closer that the religion which comes as the symbol of unity for humanity, turn into the cause of severe diffusion and controversy for human beings. The Holy Quran declares this situation as atheism.

The Holy Quran outcaste all those religions which break up the humanity into pieces. The Quran advocates that true religion is the one which pull in the humanity into inseparable association irrespective of beliefs and faction. The Quran brings together all those core points of all religion, nations and sects which can be helpful to make a strong human friendship. The Holy Quran is weighing scale through which Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims can be assessed. Any one, who is not fit in this assessment, will be interrogated. If Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims lack the spirit of humanity than they are breathing in the world of obscurity.

To effort for humanity is the genuine religion and all others are rites and customs. The endeavor of the Quran is to make the human beings free from these rites and customs. Sorry to say, every nation believes their traditions as a true religion and struggle against each other. The true believer is the one who struggle against inhuman traditions. When customs become religious conviction then it is the responsibility of believers to fight against it.

Life will have to dress up itself with rites, customs, possessions and circumstances. Without it life can’t exist in the sphere of circumvolution, vicissitude and abode. But when these rites, customs and traditions turn into religion then they become idols. Idols are not always made up of gold and silver, even our moral standards, living standards and so called statements of belief become idols like “Lath” and “Habal”. As “Lath” and “Habal” were broken down, so in the same way all these idols must be broken down in pieces.

Unquestionably customs and traditions must be respected but till the time when they are filled with realism and wisdom. When rites become hallow and its essence is departed then its existence and nonexistence does not matter. Its rekindling is essential. It will always happen so that man may not fail to remember that all human beings are equal and their dissection is not pragmatism. In fact all have the same origin. Whole universe is one. And the things we observe in it have the same preliminary point.

In the life of a nation, an era comes when rules regulation create barrier in between the creatures and the God. Civilization, theosophy, legalism and anthology become statues. Reality becomes absurdity and flapdoodle. Religion turns into traditions and humanity becomes mound of dust. It is the age when human nature revolts against it and new era is started in which every entity reconnects with the superior soul. This process will repeat again and again in history. When ever humanity is deprived of this experience it will breathe its last. As the diversity in nature does not disturb us, in the same way the splitting up of humanity in diverse races, religions, and cultures is natural. To get rid of this diversity is going against nature. It will never happen. An individual is a basic unit. Similarly a group is a unit consisting of individuals. A nation has permanent existence. And humanity encircles all nations. The goodness of a person depends upon his relation with his group. A good group is the one which is not against the nation. And a good nation is the one which cares for human race. Individualism is a curse in a sense when every body is struggling against each other and they are not worried for humanity. A superior human being is the one who acknowledges the fundamental values of humanity.

The aim of the Quran is unity and the people must become practically Unitarian by creed and comprehension. Studding early Islamic history we come to know that an agreement was signed by all the inhabitants of Medina to protect the city against an undemocratic tribe of Mecca. The nations taking part in this agreement were called “Umma” i.e. one nation. It shows the true political view point of Islam. The unity of thoughts made those Muslim and non Muslim tribes’ one nation. The people who went against this accord were penalized not because that they were non Muslims but actually they were a threat to the solidarity of “Umma”. This conception of “Umma” i.e. one nation is the aim of Islam and it was because of this civilized approach that Islam became a super power afterwards. Islam eradicates the differences of races, color and groups. And it is the will of God. When we say that the Quran is just and righteous, it means that it gives the knowledge that is natural and helpful to all human beings irrespective of their creed and nationality. If the Quran is entitled as a book of one nation or group than it is very difficult to prove it everlasting and universal.


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