Magicians not politicians

September 17, 2009 (The Frontier Post)

We people of the Pakistan need magicians to solve our problems. We the captives of ignorance need the magic lamp plus its genie to save us from misfortunes and calamities. Our hasty behavior has always created troubles for us. Secondly we have a very weird and wonderful technique of studding history and even current affairs. We study individual’s history rather than collective history. We had rebuked some rulers for their personal weaknesses and defects. While on the other side despotic rulers were admired because of their personal virtues. We always ignored the collective approach in history and never bothered to sort out diverse phases of good governance. Infect the straightforward method for the common people and media to evaluate the government performance is to make inquiries about the prices and utility bills. Bur rather it is one of the aspects to evaluate the governance.

First of all it’s very necessary to keep a balance sheet of the previous government policies. Secondly we ignore the fact that price mechanism is affected by different factors. To point the finger at the government only for price hike is not fair. We also close the eyes to opposition parties and their industrialists and landlords in this regard. They also create hurdles in the smooth running of government.

Few months back our new democratic government did not complete even six months in office that media started questioning their performance, ignoring the fact that what we had given these parties to go ahead. Flour crises are the brain child of the previous government and if some one remembers the speeches of Benazir in the end of December 2007, she had pointed out flour crises in advance. Judiciary issue, War on terror and terrorism, constitutional amendments and Petroleum product prices etc, all are the issues left unsolved by the previous government. Besides this the efficiency that we expect from our government in changing the policies is only possible after revolution. This is democratic and coalition government. We must bear it in mind that politics is not the name of principle stands and ideals but it’s a game of possibilities. What ever is possible in the real world of politics only that could be feasible for politicians to do. Corruption is part of our politics and even developed countries are not free from this menace. It’s not logical that corrupt politicians should be hanged all at once or the complete government machinery is held responsible for just one politician.  Democracy could be strengthened by more democracy. Legal actions can be taken against such corrupt politicians or can be rejected in the next elections. But it needs patience that unfortunately we are bereft of it.

To evaluate the government policies, it is very necessary to concentrate on the compulsions of the government on national and international levels. Besides this we must divide its policies in various sections. For example foreign policy and international relations, macro and micro economic policy, demands of the stake holders of the coalition government, international crises and its effects on internal economic and politics and the long term policies of the government. Is it possible that a mound of blunders is removed in one year? When ever we study history so one thing is noteworthy that development does not crop up in years, it needs decades. China took six decades to reach to this stage. Their veteran politicians have also done mistakes but they kept on moving forward.

Our present coalition government is surrounded by internal and external threats. We must keep it in mind that a government which is caught up in war governance – will not be able to pay attention to good governance. Their minds and resources are struck at war. The tools used to assess good governance in peace can not be used in wars. War and good governance can not go together. War can not be fought at short notice of the army commanders. It needs planning and resources. If government is engaged in war so should we expect standard performance from the government? No. at this decisive movement both sides’ namely ruler and ruled must lend a hand to each other to save the country.

It is a scientific theory that where there will be friction and resistance, energy or force will be wasted. Currently our coalition government is kept engaged from different directions. It is also a fact that coalition partners are trying their best to lessen the burden of the federal government. But still opposition and other factors are diverting the attention of the government. It has caused in the low performance of the government. In the past the public and political parties have committed blunders and we have seen the consequences also. Now Pakistan needs stability and this time the situation is under control. We must rally round the government to come out of the crisis.


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