Terror in retreat – Taliban misjudge Pakhtuns

September 19, 2009 (The Frontier Post)

Still people remember the days when Taliban hanged Dr. Najeeb ruthlessly and many people were deprived of their precious body parts. Pictures of a young boy of twelve years carring those human body parts socked in blood, terrifying people in bazaar can still be found on internet. That was the climax of Taliban’s Islamic regime. Could any body imagine at that time that in the near future the world will see headlines such as “Taliban Kahani Khatum”? But the world witnesses a very embarrassing defeat of Taliban and catastrophe of their rule of terror and fear. Taliban have got to think on the questions that whether they were devils or they were presented like devils? And who is accountable for this horrifying appearance of Taliban? And what they have achieved in the end? Islamic State? Which they have ruined by their flawed strategy in Afghanistan.

After the departure of Russian army from Afghanistan and the blood-spattered civil wars Taliban could shape a model of Islamic government in front of the peoples of the world. The time had given them chance to form a Sunni model of Islamic state next to Iran. The world could compare both these Islamic models living in peace side by side. If analyzed without prejudice Taliban were sincere with Afghanistan. But as a result of their defective policies if on one side they had lost their government, on the other side the sincere Pukhtoon youth was slaughtered and shattered.   In our culture communist revolution is impossible but Islamic revolution could be brought by these young sincere religious Pukhtoon gentlemen. But they are no more in this world. This aspect of misuse of Pakhtoon youth is never highlighted by our Jihadi media.

The blunders committed by Taliban in Afghanistan are their conservative approach Islam, lack of flexibility, sectarianism, influence of Al-Qaida, indifference attitude towards other religions, negligence of international appeals and zero efforts for the improvement of economy. Taliban had the example of Iraq war 1991 before them – how imperialist powers destroyed Iraq and its well established army. Taliban were waiting for the help of Allah but Allah sent American forces as calamity for them.

After a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan Taliban did not learn any thing from their failure. Muslims have a long history of armed struggle against British and its companions in sub continent. Why Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Shah Islamil Shaheed failed in Pakhtoon society struggling against Sikhs? War of Independence of 1857 was a final breakdown of Muslims armed struggle. After this Muslims and Hindus changed their course of action. And the last armed struggle was of “Reshmi Rumal Tehrik” that also ended in failure. Before partition communist armed struggle was also not successful against British. What does this mean? Violent struggle does not have legal support from world community in this modern age. Secondly in the ranks of Taliban any one having beard and long hair could join in. And in this way Taliban became the party of smugglers, kidnapers and assassins.

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan will meet the same fate as their ancestors in Afghanistan. Taliban has always ignored the fact that they are just string-puppets. And puppets can not work on their own. ISI, CIA, Al- Qaida all have used them like toilet papers and then thrown into dust bins.  Secondly Taliban must not forget that how they were isolated and why people turned against them? Its time to rethink that how the people working for Islamic revolution failed in Muslim Society? Today Taliban dead bodies are found in Swat region. It is evidence of public extreme dislike for Taliban and personal enmity with them. Taliban insulted and hurt many people in public places, now this is communal reaction against their harsh and cruel policies. Today there are rumors about Muslim Khan arrest. Some circles condemn government the way he was arrested by foul. But people do not give attention to these rumors because Taliban too did not play fair game.

It is a proven fact that our people love Islam but Taliban Islamic model is not their dream. Pakhtoons history tells us that they by no means accepted a rule imposed on them. Taliban imposed their self made Islamic model by terrorizing Pakhtoons. This policy brought a negative reaction for Taliban. Pakhtoons even do not agree to their own Pashto rules if imposed by force. But somewhat they are persuaded by Jirga in logical way to come to terms and move away from their standpoint. Taliban are not defeated but rather theory of terror is in retreat.


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