Six decades of fear

October 03, 2009 (The Frontier Post)

Studding the history of Pakistan after partition one can easily decide a title for it, that is “Six decades of fear”. For sixty years, we did not make a distinction between factual enemy and fictional enemy. Before partition this apprehension was materialized in the character of Hindus and after the partition the symptom of fear was India. For almost six decades we taught our students that India wants to invade and occupy Pakistan. But no body bothers to think that why Indian forces left Bangladesh in 1971? They had a golden chance to occupy Bangladesh. Later on Indian fear goes together with the Russian fear and the whole nation was crucified this time. A very odd logic of “Russia in search of warm waters” was publicized in Pakistan. Again no one makes an effort to have a look at the history of Pak – Russia relationship from 1947 to 1979 and the Russian Foreign policy towards South Asia.

After being deserted in the self-styled and illogical Jihad against Russia, Pakistan perceives its future in Jihadi Groups. Moreover, in this period America was imagined an enemy number one. Again no one look for the reasons that how this friend of Jihadi era turned against us? We have a very extraordinary logic of making friends and foes. Sometimes an ideology is made a base for this logic and sometimes out of necessity we make relations with other nations. Russia and China both were communist but one was declared an enemy and the other as brother. If this matter is well thought-out so the truth is that in 50’s one was leaning towards America and hence it became our buddy and the other was friendly towards India so it was assumed an enemy.

Now the same formula can be applied to the current situation. As America turns its face towards India, she appears an enemy to us. We must take it into account that India is a huge market and America is a hyper super power. India and America are among the nations which often kept equilibrium in their foreign policy. They are not emotional like us. It does not produce a positive image of us that on one side we need American help to run our system but on the other side we call her an enemy. There is a famous Pashto proverb “A crow eats the stuff but also shake its beak to pretend to dislike it”. We are also faced with the same situation. If America is an enemy so why we are requesting her to help us?

Atomic bombs are made to defend the country but we are defending our bomb. We will have to set our priorities in such a way that the world must believe us. The world is anxious about our nuclear assets. And their main concern is the presence of Al-Qaida and Taliban in Pakistan. They see our bomb trapped between Taliban and Al-Qaida. To make their claim fictitious we will have to eliminate terrorism. We need sophisticated weapons to fight against terrorist but American fears that it might be used against India. At this moment instead of satisfying them we start highlighting Kashmir issue. This even more fans the flames of their concerns. Our leaders have also admitted that Taliban is bigger threat. We must concentrate on the current burning issue to get maximum support for the war against terror.

Considering Drone attacks as exceptional case, America never attacked Pakistan. In the time of need American Dolores are always there to save us from the label of “Defaulter State”.  In recent times our problems with India are resolved by America. It goes in our favor if American relations with India are normal. America can keep an eye on the conflicting interests of both these countries. In 1965 Russia facilitated us because she had strong relations with India. Likewise we can build a strong lobby in Afghanistan if we have strong relations with global powers and Trade relation with India. We will have to avoid our policy of terrifying our neighbors to compel them for giving us space. Pakistan has used this policy for decades but still we have not achieved any thing.

If China and Russia and their allies can go side by side with America so why shouldn’t we? For decades we have relations with America but still there are doubts and fears between us. Even China sometimes feels insecure and Chinese officials noiselessly express their concerns. We must confess that there is some problem with us. None of our neighbors is happy with us. The heaven has given us a chance to make a clean breast. This is the last chance with us to make this region stable and progressive. And the world has no excuse to stop us from accomplishing this mission because we have elected democratic government – supported by our army – which has a broad vision that matches with the global interests. And the world in the leadership of America has come closer to us. Pakistan can play a role of bridge between global powers’ interests and can make its future secure and prosperous.


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