Bait‟s death – repercussions for Taliban

October 05, 2009 (The Frontier Post)

The world has seen the dead and calm body of Bait Ullah Mehsood – Once the symbol of terror and horror. His corpse gave the impression of helplessness and defenselessness. Now the rumors about his life and death are drown trodden by the facts – technological facts. His dead body disclosed lots of facts. In midst of thousands of sincere and brave fighter companions he was successfully targeted. Technology can’t be beaten by sincerity. Technology and machinery can only be challenged by alternate advance technology and machinery and superior management.

The death of their leader has distressed Taliban. The video released showing Bait Ullah Mehsood is mostly mute but two sentences can be clearly heard.  First a person says “If there was a leader, there would have been some preparations.” And Later, the same voice says: “May Allah destroy these cruel people who do not use rifles and Allah knows what else, to kill us.” These two sentences carry great significance. It shows that after his death there is problem of leadership gap. It was evident from the statements of Taliban leaders after his death. They changed their stance a couple of times. Media also broadcasted the news of split in Taliban. Even Taliban leaders disclosed leadership crisis and the armed struggle among various Taliban leaders. Secondly the voice in video expressed hopelessness regarding Drone attacks. It shows that Taliban are upset due to Drone attacks for the reason that it breaks their lines of defense and reach to the specified targets.

Taliban started their armed struggle in mid of 90’s. In the recent Muslim history Taliban has different models of armed struggles and its consequences in the areas like Kashmir, Chechnya and Palestine and Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. Kashmiris – for freedom – have relied upon political parties instead of armed movements and now the future of this movement is dark. Even Pakistan is under pressure to avoid any connection with Kashmiri Jihadi groups. Tamil Tigers were more united and brutal than Taliban but they have lost the final battle and now they are history. Chechen fighters are not a threat for Russia after the 9/11 attacks in America because Russia joined the war on terror and now Russia have a pretext to curb these Muslim militants. On the other hand Hamas has transformed its struggle from armed to political and even Russia welcomed this change. Still it’s a blended movement of using options of force and politics but they have found a technique of their eternal survival.

Studding these movements we can come to the conclusion that armed resistance and especially foreign funded movements are destined to be vanished. The regional powers may support Taliban for a short period of time but they are waiting for the time how America accommodates their interests in Afghanistan. Once they found a solution for their conflicting interests that will be the last day of Taliban movement. Before 9/11 when America found an alternative for the transportation of oil from centrals Asian states, the very next day Taliban and Osama were targeted.

Taliban are isolated because of their confrontation with the regional powers. India, China, Iran and Russia, all have concerns about their existence in this strategic part of the world. Taliban will have to change their policy and outlook towards regional powers as well as Islam. They ought to ask themselves that what their interest is? Are they fighting for Islam? The model of Islam they set in Afghanistan is even not expectable to Muslims. Do they want to destroy American Forces in Afghanistan? If Yes so Taliban should think on a question “What are the prerequisites for great game in Afghanistan, War or Peace?”. If America needs war so who is helping them to continue this war? If America needs peace so why regional powers are helping America to bring peace to Afghanistan?

The only exit point from these crises is peace and peace can’t be brought by war. War will intensify this situation. Expansion of Islam and preaching of Islam is possible in peace. The people of the world are not free to study Islam even they are not free to study their own book “Bible” but they can study Muslims and their point of view. Today they see our image of extremism and terrorism. They may think that it’s Islam. Modern world believes in Democracy and social values. So Taliban will have to renovate their struggle. Their guns are a waste of time and useless against Drones. Drones – which Taliban can’t stop – can only be defeated by wisdom – wisdom of politics. This region needs wise and nonviolent people. People who can win the hearts of human beings. Peaceful people are the fittest and they can survive.


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