Illogical blame game

By Farman Nawaz  (The Frontier Post)

People who study current affairs and history can tell us that seldom it is heard that China blamed any nation or super power to interfere in its national affairs. But it is a reality that China too blames other nations but their way of complaining is very straight, decent and effective. Still we remember that how China once compelled America for written apology for destroying Chinese fighter plane and the death of its pilot. The way china blamed America – for sending spy airplane violating Chinese borders – in a very systematic way and with proofs. And the world had to believe them. China has some doubts about interference in its Muslim majority province. Some of our religious leaders were invited by China last year and they also assured China that there will be no interference or support from Pakistan side for the people who are creating problems in the Muslim majority areas of China.

During the so called Jihad era Russia knew very well the hideouts of Mujahadeens. But she tried to avoid blaming those countries that were providing safe heavens. Even today studding Russian newspapers we hardly find allegations about those countries that supported Mujadahadeen.

But when we see our politicians, establishment and media, it gives a very gloomy picture of their understanding the current situation. By pointing our fingers at others what we have achieved in six decades. Does the world believe us? If yes, so is there any one who can point out any achievement by blaming India, Israel and America? But rather we have isolated ourselves in the world. The recent statement issued by Chinese leadership after Prime Minister Gillani visit to China, must open our eyes. They have promised to help us fighting terrorism only if Pakistan is serious in this matter.

Recently our media and establishment threw their harpoons of fear and doubt in all directions. The world will surely laugh at us. Let me tell you one example of this foolishness. Just after attack on GHQ, we targeted India and even some ex-army defense experts threatened India to be ready for division of India in dozens parts. But the very next moment we ask India to open the doors for negotiations and find out the solution to curb terrorism. What we are going to discuss with India? The people who attacked hotels in Mumbai are still at large. And last day court has settled some cases in their favor.

Not alone India is targeted but triangle of India, Israel and America is considered to be the nexus of all evils. The question is why we ask America to settle our issues with India. If America is India’s friend in destabilizing Pakistan so why they will bother to solve problem for us? If America is enemy, why we are prayerful for American aid? We even don’t feel shy to ask for help the same America that we blame for supporting some Taliban groups and India.

This is not the way to get attention of the world. Have any one paid attention to our allegations? Even China passed normal comments on GHQ episode. If it would be the joint effort of India, Israel and America to attack GHQ and destabilize Pakistan, surely we would receive serious comments from countries like China, Iran and Russia. Our Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has asked a strange question from Indian leadership that why India has so large embassy in Kabul? What are their interests In Afghanistan as they have no common borders with Afghanistan?  He raised this issue in the USA. For his kind information the USA too has no common borders with Afghanistan, why she is deploying more troops in Afghanistan? Can he ask the same question from American Leadership? He must not. Because even the neighboring superpowers are not asking this question. If he thinks that American presence in Afghanistan is for the eradication of the root cause of terrorism so the India also claims the same. If we will always ask India to provide more evidence surely India will try itself to get to the root causes of terrorism. The money we are waiting for in the shape of Kerri Lugar Bill (per year), India has invested more than that in Afghanistan. And India is invited by the Afghanis. How we can ask a self-governing nation to expel some one out of their country? Is this fair and logical?

If we would have done any good for Afghanistan, Afghanis would love us. But they don’t. And we all know this fact. Why Afghani hate us? We must think over this question. And we must plan our propaganda in such a way that the world should give it preference.


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