Iran in Indian disguise

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

Jundullah has taken the responsibility of a suicide attack on Irani Pasdaran-e- Inqalab. Just after that incident Iranian government called the Pakistani ambassador for protest and blamed Pakistani Intelligence Agencies. Last day Irani Pasdaran – e – Inqalab has requested the Iranian government for permission of operation inside Pakistan against Jundullah. And soon Iranian Foreign Minister is expected to come to Islamabad along with proofs.

It seems that all of a sudden India got into Iran and Iran starts speaking in Indian mode. It feels that India is there in disguise. But attitude of Hamid Gul when asked to give comments was totally changed and he was not able to give a satisfactory explanation about the event. He said that Pakistan is “Majbooristan” and we are also trapped in intrigues. He added that Iran must understand our position. For the first time I saw this person speaking very humbly and cautiously.

Some of our anchors were furious about the accusations made by Iran. They wanted to create the same environment as against the India. But mostly the analysts tried to be friendly towards Iran. Surprisingly when we receive such comments about terrorist organizations and Pakistani intelligence agencies from Indian side, our media and politicians get irritated and start gnashing their teeth. But regarding Iran its protest was listened with courage and tried not to loose temper.

But it’s the time that we must confess some realities too. All over the world there is a common approach towards Al-Qaida and Taliban. The world agrees that these organizations are really a threat for peace of the world. Our government and up to some extent establishment also admit this fact. But there is some thing wrong at the bottom. How a friendly country like Iran can think about the involvement of Pakistani intelligence agencies in this event. According to our methodology the nexus of evil is India, America and Israel. Our intelligentsia assumes that accusations of these countries are false. They just want to undermine Pakistan. But now what about Iranian accusations? Our analysts just like Hamid Gul, are puzzled this time. They don’t know how to balance the situation. Nor they can say that Iranian allegation is baseless and neither can they find any clue to involve the nexus of evil.

One thing to be noted that again the emphasis is on Balochistan that is presence of Al-Qaida and Taliban in this area. America has already claimed that Balochistan is becoming a safe heaven for terrorists. And now Iran has also claimed the same. Pakistan blames India for interfering in Balochistan. But how India is interfering that is still kept hidden from public. Whether India provide money to Taliban, Al-Qaida or tribal leaders, it is not disclosed yet. America blames that attacks on American and NATO forces are being planned in Balochistan. Iran has same kind of reservations. India has several times accused Pakistani Intelligence Agencies and terrorist organizations for attacks on Indian soil and their embassy in Afghanistan. China has too reservations about terrorists presence in Tribal belt. Simply what we called as asset in the past is becoming headache for us.

Besides our neighbors where there is any terrorist activity in the world, its links are somehow found on Pakistani soil. We must rethink our previous policies. It is not possible that all of our neighbors are against us. Again it is a golden opportunity to launch an operation against terrorists in Balochistan after Wazirsitan Operation. But in such a way that Balochi leadership is taken into confidence before end.

The world will surely support and cooperate. But if we will see the world with glasses having Indian imprint on it, every next person will feel an Indian to us. In the past we have committed this mistake. ANP, MQM and Balochi movements have been blamed for having links with India. Today ANP and MQM both are part of government and fully support establishment. It is the time to come out of the dreamland and face the reality. It is a fact that all our neighbors are stakeholders in Afghanistan. But we all neighbors of Afghanistan must keep one thing in mind that Afghani people are the main stakeholders. If we will see Afghanistan through the glasses of our vested interests so we can’t blame America to interfere in Afghanistan. The solution must come from the regional countries. If we will wait for American solution that will be purely American interests oriented. American and NATO interference can be balanced with regional common solution. Otherwise we must be ready for any unusual solution that may not destabilize the region but some new changes to be felt on the map. Iran must not be treated like India. But rather Indian allegations must be given preference. India is a mini power of the region. Having good relations with India is in our national interest. In competition with India we may loose some of our friends.


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