US failure in Afghanistan

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

Is it a fact that US forces are on defeat in Afghanistan? How some one can declare its defeat in a battle field? It is not tactically safe to talk publicly about weaknesses in the war. But the question is that why American military and political leadership is telling the story of their weak position in Afghanistan. Their media also propagate this concept. And surveys are showing high graphs of fear in American citizens about the soldiers’ lives.  Is it the same American public which once elected Bush in the elections to keep on fighting the war against terrorism? Did they miscalculate the war on terror? How it is possible that the entire American nation, their intelligence agencies and army were not able to check their pocket first and then decide to start the war?

If the main issue is their weak economic progress, so what is the reason of giving aid to Pakistan in this meager economic condition? Why it’s public was silent when Kerri – Lugar Bill was passed? If any country army is going to face a humiliating defeat in the battle field so the surrounding countries must know their position. But we see that Chinese, Indian and Russian media is silent about this new situation. Only Pakistani media is propagating the same what is being broadcasted from US. Some analysts think that 50% American are against the sending of more troops to Afghanistan. Democratic Party is of the opinion that extra troops must not be allowed to deploy in Afghanistan. But Republican Party is in favor of expanding the war on terror. Now again the question is why Republicans are ignoring that 50% American’s opinion and their votes?

We always forget that super powers have several layers of their policies. What we see that is the front end. On the back end their policies are mostly kept hidden. All that glitters is not gold. This so called defeat could be the new dimension of the war on terror. If we study the history of western nations, their tactics have different levels. First of all they start their policy from media war. Second level is the paving the way for arousing of various political and armed groups in that particular locality. If the desired results are archived so well and good other wise the next stage is the imposition of sanctions. And the last stage is imposing war on that nation.

What our analysts discuss is the front end of the policies of America. The way we criticize American policies is immature. If on one side we try to involve America in different controversies, our next analysis contradicts even our previous explanation. There are a lot of predictions that we guessed in the past but still we are waiting for the time they will come true. People still remember the air castles which were made to mold the public opinion before atomic explosions in 90’s. But still we are not able to repay our loans. Every year we have deficient in budget. We claimed to shatter USSR into pieces but still Russia is the one and only power that has the ability to hinder US. And those shattered pieces are still under Russian umbrella. After every Jihad the “Umma” gets booty “Mal-e-Ghaneemat”, where is that booty? Is it the fast growing poverty level? Terrorism? Decades long dictatorships? Is there any one who can tell the nation the advantages of the so called Afghan Jihad?

The recent fears of US failure are the first step of the beginning of media war. All the neighboring countries of Afghanistan as well as the regional powers can not afford the failure of America in Afghanistan. The defeat of America may give us psychological satisfaction but in reality no one wants to see the terrorists flourishing in this region.

Some analysts argue that US may leave Afghanistan in the mid of war. But no one reveals the future effects of this failure. How America will face the world if the goals are not accomplished? Can US justify starting any new venture in the future without completing this mission? How she will convince the world for that? This new Afghan mission is thoroughly different from Jihad era, Vietnam and Iraq wars. The main difference is the participation of NATO in this war and secondly the moral, political and economical support of the regional powers. Collapse of US in Afghanistan means failure of India, Pakistan, China, Russia and NATO.

The purpose of this propagation of failure and disappointment is just to get more support from the allies and to expand the war to Waziristan and Balochistan. Pakistan army and political leadership were able to sense the new dimensions of the war on terror and took the initiative in Waziristan. Now the regional powers must strengthen Pakistan army to get the desired results. The way China, India and Russia supported US in Afghanistan, they must come closer to Pakistan now. Pakistan has committed blunders in the past and we had suffered a lot too. But now it is the time to make a way out for Pakistan and especially this region. If regional powers will turn their backs so Pakistan will never come out of the western domination.


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