National unity, reconciliation & KLB

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

The language of KLB has become a challenge for Pakistani politics and economics. The text of the bill has been released even before the formal bill passing procedure. This deliberate or accidental act of America creates doubts that may be it could be an attempt to create misunderstanding among Pakistani government, political parties and the army.

The conditions regarding Pakistan military are worth mentioning. How can a civil government – based on loose coalition- guarantee to influence military matters? Especially in a country where America itself has weakened and destabilized the civil governments time and again by supporting army dictatorship. It is evident that if such a weak civil government will make an effort to impose any verdict on army, it will lead to confusion, misunderstanding and panic. According to Pakistani constitution and customs of the world the political government must dominate the army but for this the civil government must be well-built politically, institutionally and economically.

But the reality is that our political parties’ structure is weak – politically and institutionally. In this situation of internal and external threats the civil government can influence the army only by consultation and understanding with army. Turkey is the best model in this respect. Its political parties have a long struggle to keep the army out of political scene.

Our Pakistani government needs money to run the country while army wants to protect its independent status. At this critical situation the nation expects patience, tolerance and reconciliation from the government and the army. The Chief of Army staff should not put it out of his mind that in this reconciliation process he was an active member from Musharaf side to bring together opposing sides on a single table. Both sides must not take such steps which can destroy the process of reconciliation. That is the main threat we can expect from Kerri – Lugar bill.

Army has some specific plate forms to discuss their grievances with the government. Traditionally in Pakistan it did not happen in the past but now army must follow those specific channels.  Differences and grievances if brought to media can make the situation out of control and the shield of reconciliation could be broken. With due respect but even some names of our media groups mean “warfare”. They always struggle hard to make an issue from non issues. Anyway this time the target of the enemy is army – the one and only organized and powerful institution of the country. So they must show more responsible behavior. Ant mistake can lead to anarchy and disturbance in the country that is the sole aim of our opponents – whoever they are.

The American aid for underdeveloped and developing countries is always accompanied by unsympathetic conditions. But the point to be noted is that during civil rule in Pakistan the agreements are openly discussed and the political environment for the government is set on fire. But whenever there is dictatorship in the country so the aid and agreements are signed secretly. No one knows what has been signed and what promises are being made between America and Pakistan. To our surprise neither civil society nor media and the so called champions of Islam had the courage to discuss and disclose the threats and consequences of those agreements. Today those groups which were once just like puppets of the American government and intelligence agencies are now trying to sabotage reconciliation process.

These groups, political parties, media and other stakeholders of Pakistan never suggested coming out of western domination. They never suggested to cooperate with regional powers because that is not the will of their masters – America. So they never talk about regionalism.

Today reconciliation is the solution of our problems mainly political. But reconciliation irritates these so called champions of Islam. Today we can not blame People’s Party to accept aid in the shape of Kerri – Lugar bill. They are not left with any other option. People’s party is just following what our previous government has done in 63 years. China may not have extra dollars to spare it to help us but China has a platform of Shanghai cooperation organization. By creating space for Pakistan at that organization we can dare to say no to western dictation. Otherwise with empty pockets and empty bellies we will never be able to work for the regional stability and uplift. Last day there was a meeting of foreign ministers of India, China and Russia regarding Talibanization in the region. It is very strange that Pakistan was not invited. China can not represent Pakistan. If Pakistan will be ignored like this by the neighboring countries so they must not complain about western domination on Pakistani army and government.


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