The party is not over yet

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

People’s Party is isolated on the issue of National Reconciliation Ordinance. It happens in democracy that some times the ruling party is not supported by its allies. But in third world countries the situation gets worsened not only by the local parties but foreign hands are involved in destabilizing the governments. This may be the reason that China is against the western way of democracy. Because any political party can change its mind set after getting green signals from their foreign masters. We see that Chinese system is running smoothly.

After lack of cooperation from partners People’s Party has postponed its plan about NRO.  But some analysts were so confident that now the party is over because no external power is standing at the back of Zardari. They were of the opinion that Hillary Clinton has visited the country just to get the real scenario of Pakistani politics and now she is disappointed. These analysts think that the target given to Zardari by America was not accomplished. So Americans have left Zardari to handle the situation.

It gives an impression that up till now Nawaz Sharif was silent because of American interference. And secondly if Zardari is fail to accomplish American plans so who has taken the responsibility to accomplish that task? Thirdly why Americans are always not farsighted? Why they miscalculated that Zardari will accomplish their plans and now why they are repentant? Fourthly if Zardari is punished only for the reason that he was not able to create harmony regarding KLB, so whoever else supports KLB? And finally it was propagated that People’s Party has a strong lobby in America. They have added those controversial points in KLB. Now where is that lobby? This whole scenario put on show by our analysts is eyewash.

People’s Party is never the best option for Americans. Actually army was in search of a party which can support it against terrorism. People’s party and its secular allies were chosen because of this reason. JUI was an exception case.

In my previous articles I have expressed my fear that Hillary Clinton visit may deepen the gape between the Pakistani leadership. And the same happened just after her departure. NRO is just a pretension. She met every one to pave the way for destabilizing the present government. Establishment is also responsible in a way for paving the way for derailing the democratic process by expressing their views about KLB publicly and secrete meeting with PML-N leaders.

American works on their agenda invisibly. The present war on terror is of course our own war but always there were complications in it. Up till now Drones were not attacking the hideouts of Bait Ullah Mehsood. But as Pakistan army decided to launch an operation in the Waziristan, he was targeted by Drone. Up till now Americans pretended that reason not to attack Bait Ullah is that may be Pakistani Taliban will start helping Afghan Taliban. But now he was targeted in broad day light. And Nooristan Province is totally left at the mercy of Taliban. While recently it is learnt that Afghanistan intelligence Agency RAMA is being established with the help of CIA, RAW and MOSAD. And its base for its training is the same Nooristan province. American has also started negotiation with Afghan Taliban with the help of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. These are new developments of war on terror.

Now the question is that whether ANP and PPP are fit in this new scenario or the party is over? Now the ball is in establishment court. Still they are not in a position to select the next player. But one thing is clear that now our army has national approach towards the war on terror.

Now looking the situation from another angle we find that this situation is not new for People’s party. Twice they have been deprived of the government in 90’s. Zardari has long experience of being target of intrigues and torture. He is well aware of the tactics of establishment and Nawaz Sharif. Now the question is what is Zardari’s way of politics?

For the last two years he is playing very tactfully to prolong his tenure and making room for his party. He does not show all his cards till the last. And when the game is out of his control so he passes the ball to Prime Minister. Our prime minister may not speak good English but he has all the qualities of Punjabi Politicians. But this time Punjab is united against NRO. MQM has expressed their concerns but still there is some room to pass. And that passage starts from Prime Minister Gillani. In contrast to 90’s this time People’s Party is not ready to evacuate the passage for some one else. They will do their best to resolve the issue. Benazir Bhutto always tried her best to stick to principles but Zardari has different approach of politics. We could expect any thing from this person. The party is not over yet.



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