Hardliner media divides public opinion

By Farman Nawaz (The Statesman Peshawar)

For three decades our media explicitly supported Jihad in Afghanistan. An American sponsored Jihad against Russia was an unfasten interference in a neighboring country. The thirst of our hostile media is still not quenched even after watching rivers of blood. After a very hard struggle civil government and military has succeeded in creating a unified public opinion against terrorism. And the people realized that these terrorist organizations are really a threat for the survival of the country.

Last day an anchor of private TV channel was interviewing common people in Peshawar. He was standing at the site of terrorist attack in Meena Bazaar. He tried his best to divide public opinion about the terrorist attacks. Some people were of the opinion that extremists are responsible for these criminal activities while some people accused Christians, Jews and Hindus for such activities. The motive of the anchor was to divert the public opinion from terrorist organization towards international intelligence agencies. The outcome of this public interview will be to confuse the masses and ultimately they may withdraw their support regarding the ongoing military operation in Waziristan.

Media has earned a lot from Jihad Movement in Afghanistan. Media is also accountable for motivating our sincere youth to take part in that American sponsored Jihad. But the public should know it now that those jihadi journalists, analysts, anchors, publishers, columnists and reports only seduced others to go for that “noble” task. No one among these journalists sent their children to fight practically in that Jihad or for live coverage of those bloody events.

Once a very renowned journalist was invited by international relations department of Peshawar University in late 90’s. He was invited to seminar to tell the students about media role in Afghanistan. I was doing masters in Journalism at that time and learning sub editing at The Frontier Post.  He was unable to answer my question when I asked “media never highlighted the grievances of those families whose children are killed in the Jihad, what do you say about this?”

These “selfish” journalists (I am not talking about all, there are exceptions) have destroyed our young and sincere religious gentlemen. And today again they want to divide the public opinion about war on terror. Their motives are the same – to create sympathies for their previous companions – the extremists. Ideologically our media and hardliners have faith in extremism. They are of the view that we can achieve our goals by armed struggle – the struggle which is discarded by our forefathers even before partition. Quaid-e-Azam , Allma Iqbal , leader of Jameet Ulluma-e-Hind, Shabir Ahmad Usmani, Nehru, Gandhi, Mollana Ubaid Ullah Sindhi (who once believed in armed struggle –Reshmi Rumal Tehrik) and Bacha Khan all were moderate leaders. They opted for political struggle against Britons.

Now if these suicide blasts are managed by foreign intelligence agencies, so why these terrorists organizations have taken its responsibility. They have send messages to print and electronic media to take responsibility of these criminal acts. If these were fake messages so extremist organizations should contact the media for this. No body has forbid them to do so. And secondly they must slaughter those people first who are sending false messages to media on behalf of them. If they can’t stop them so how will they defeat America – a stronger enemy.

At this critical situation there must be uniformity in public opinion. Dividing public opinion is similar to stabbing army in the back. Last day General Kayani shed light on the situation. He said “Extremists are unable to face the army in the battle field that’s why they attack innocent people”.

It is very difficult that these Jihadi journalists will change their minds. But people must be aware of them. They have plundered our treasure – our youth. Still people are waiting for their loved ones – killed in Afghanistan and tribal areas. These impostor journalists are equally responsible for killing our innocent young generation – the future of Pakistan. Today the nation has decided to get rid of these terrorists. These coward suicide attacks can not change our minds.

Media must disclose the evil designs of extremists. People are confused to decide who is responsible for these heinous acts. Now it is also the duty of armed forces and intelligence agencies to bring forward such facts and figures which can make the people easy to understand the complex situation of war on terror. Because in this critical situation even genuine journalists can not dare to write openly. But once establishment has disclosed this secret so every one will try to expose the ugly faces of terrorists.


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