India an accommodating nation

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)

India may seem to be a devil to us but the reality is that the world is not afraid of India’s ambitions. For decades we have made great efforts to portray India as a usurper of the rights of Kashmiri people but India was smart enough to persuade the world about our intervention in Kashmir. Instead of putting chains to India the world condemned our policies. Even now when America gives military aid to Pakistan she is worried about its use against India. What we call our success, is still multiple choice question for us.

Last week Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s interview was published by the Washington Post. This interview gives a clear picture of Indian viewpoint about its relations with neighbors and its economy.  We over here in Pakistan still confused about our Afghan policy. Our Afghan policy is based on the principle of wait and see while Indian agenda about Afghanistan, Taliban, China, Pakistan, Iran and America is based on realism. Indian Prime Minister interview reflects Indian accommodating attitude towards its neighbors.

Regarding India’s dispute with China, The prime minister words are not inviting the world to force China to sit with India. He stated “China has emerged as a major trading partner with us. But we have problems with China with regard to our boundary dispute, and we both are engaged in discussions of the boundary. I believe there is enough space in the world to accommodate the ambitions of both India and China”.

About Iran nuclear program different countries have stated their viewpoints but Indian viewpoint was unique in the sense that Manmohan Singh instead of telling his own view point he quoted the statement of the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency. “I had the pleasure of [meeting] the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency a few weeks ago, and he was not so sure that Iran is definitely working towards a nuclear weapon”.

Indian viewpoint about nuclear technology is based on such logic that the world can not ignore. Our nuclear program is always under criticism because of our Jihadi activities. A renowned Urdu columnist Mujahid Hussain in his article “Khudshat aur humdardi ka rawaya” published by daily “Aajkal” stated that when Khalid Sheikh was arrested from a very sensitive area of Rawalpindi, he was hiding in house of a woman leader of Jamat-e-Islami, whose son is an army officer and posted in Kahota. In such conditions no one believes in our security measures. On the other hand Manmohan Singh asks America “My hope is that we can persuade the U.S. administration to be more liberal when it comes to transferring technologies to us. The restrictions make no sense. India has an impeccable record of not participating in any proliferation of weapons of mass destruction”.

What is the objective of war on terror? Is Taliban a really threat or strategic asset? Why Pakistan army started operation? These are the questions which are never properly answered by our government. But Manmohan Singh in few sentences clarifies the situation. “As far as Afghanistan is concerned, I’m not sure whether the United States and Pakistan have the same objectives. Pakistan would like Afghanistan to be under its control. And they would like the United States to get out soon. The U.S. objectives are to get Pakistan to deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan. But I don’t see Pakistan wholeheartedly in support of action against the Taliban in Afghanistan. They are of course taking action against the Taliban, but only when it threatens the supremacy of the army. I hope the United States and the global community will stay involved in Afghanistan. A victory for the Taliban in Afghanistan would have catastrophic consequences for the world, particularly for South Asia, for Central Asia and for the Middle East. Religious fundamentalism in the 1980s was used to defeat the Soviet Union. If this same group of people that defeated the Soviet Union now defeats the other major power, this would embolden them in a manner which could have catastrophic consequences for the world”.

All over the world economists fear that American economy is at the verge of slip and this time America may not able to recover from this. But Manmohan Singh, also an economist, is well aware of the potentials of American economy. “I hope the United States will recover from last year’s disaster. With the entrepreneurial skills of the U.S. business class and the U.S. educational system, I have no doubt that the United States will overcome this temporary setback”.

In the last I would like to write only one sentence. ‘Pakistan has nothing to fear from India’.


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