Policeman – A stranger in his own community

By Farman Nawaz (The Statesman Peshawar)

Why a man in police uniform belonging to our own community stands like a stranger? Whether it is raining, hot summer or freezing winter, this man is always there holding a rifle. No body bothers to ask him how are you? On the last Eid ul Fither a policeman standing outside a mosque, started weeping while talking to TV reporter that no body greeted me at this holy day. When the same reporter met with the high official of Police, he also could not control his expression of grief.

We have considered that all policemen are corrupt. But the reality is that corruption is output of this system. Every department is corrupt but that is not visible like police department. I am not defending corruption but the problem is just like an individual the police department is also part of this community. A policeman has the same problems which we have at our homes. A policeman is a father, a brother, a son, a husband and also the guardian of public property. A policeman standing at the street corner at night gives satisfaction that someone is there to protect us.

Police must be symbol of fear for the perverted people of the society. But it is a dilemma that they have become a symbol of corruption for common people. I have seen no one that loves a policeman. Army soldier is respected in all spheres of our society. An army man fights for the nation once in years but on the other hand a policeman man who fights every day for us is hated severely.

Policeman is not trained and equipped like army man but still he faces the terrorists. We did not notice that many policemen have sacrificed their lives to save the public from terrorist attacks. If these cruel culprits would have reached to the target destinations, they could wipeout hundreds of precious lives in seconds. But it is the police force that protects us from these deadly weapons and they become victims of suicides attacks.

Have we ever noticed the newly appointed young policeman? How handsome and active they look in their new black uniform. But next day this young unmarried gentleman is killed by these barbarians. Terrorists pretend that these policemen were working for the American interests. Is this true? No. but rather they are working for our safety. Terrorists are destroying our institutions. Its takes years to build these institutions. For example last year in summer 3 electricity towers were damaged by bomb explosion. It took 15 days to repair those three towers. Now a days terrorists are killing our security personnel and destroying their buildings. It is a national loss. But common people are feeling it. It is a full-fledged war. And war can not be won by institutions only. Our continuous moral support is required for it.

Police department will have to revive itself. In peoples’ mind the value of policeman is not more then 100 rupees note. Police will have to change their mentality also. It is a fact that police department is corrupt. Once a policeman was rebuking a man in fruit market for extending his shop to the road and in response the shopkeeper showed him a note of 20 rupees that it’s your value.

Police department will have to realize that they are confronted with international conspiracies. Any security lapse and their failure to notice unusual activity can cause our defeat on daily basis. Policemen are sacrificing their precious lives but still people don’t respect them. I have seen some people that pass negative remarks at their deaths. It’s a dilemma that people still have sympathies with terrorists but the people who are sacrificing their lives for us, are abused.

Police department just like army must have a public relation department that can promote their services and scarifies. So that public can start to trust this most important institution of our community. People must come to know that how fundamental duty this department is performing in our daily life. Once police department is successful to regain its lost prestige, the people will unquestionably feel sorrow for them. And policeman will have the courage to curb terrorism and arrest the so called “nobles” of our society.


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