Pakistan might hurt Afghans

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished articles)

We are not paying the price for war on terror but rather we are punished for our support for American sponsored Jihad in Afghanistan – the jihad against Revolution. If today Afghanistan is a heap of destruction it is because of their failure to understand the nationalist approach of those young revolutionary gentlemen and lastly they were slaughtered by tribal bearded men. Today Pakistan is isolated and hated by Afghans; it is because of the rising nationalism in Afghan youth. Will they forget the way they were deprived of their homes? Will the young girls of Afghanistan forget how they were treated here in Peshawar? Almost every man looked at them with shameless eyes. And they were exploited because of their poverty.

If we want to be respected and honored in Afghanistan we will have to take care of their wounds – the wounds which we have given them for almost three decades. For the last few decades we are trying to have a group in Afghanistan that can protect our interests. And today we are relying on Afghan Taliban. How it is possible that the group which is rejected by Pakistanis will be happily accepted by the Afghans? Even Moulana Fazal Rehman is not agreed with the policy of Islamisation of Taliban so how we can impose Afghan Taliban on the people of Afghanistan? I think we have forgotten they way American were welcomed and Taliban were beaten by common people in the streets of Kabul.

Taliban are using terror as a tool to subjugate others that is not acceptable to any one even here in Pakistan. And secondly Taliban history shows that they never shared power with their opponents. And they don’t have a history of successful negotiations. They were not wise enough to understand the policies of America. It was their harsh behavior that caused their downfall and fall of Kabul.

If it is the logic that Taliban are practically controlling a large part of Afghanistan that’s why they must be accommodated in the central government so why not we are accommodating Pakistani Taliban in our provincial and national assemblies? Because they were also controlling a very large part of our FATA and some settled areas. Even Sufi Muhammad was successfully accommodated in the main steam politics but do we remember what they demanded? A complete “Sharia” in Pakistan and they used derogatory language against the Parliament, Judiciary and democracy.

Will Afghans accept Taliban, having seen the experience of Pakistan in Swat? And what Taliban has given to the people of Afghanistan in their eight years government? Poverty, fear, negation of technology and education, thousands of dead bodies and international isolation. Are Afghans ready to accommodate Taliban in the government? And whom they represent?

But there is one way that can make Taliban popular in Afghanistan. We will have to accept one thing that Taliban were sincere with Afghanistan but their policies also destroyed Afghans. Their nationalist approach plus if they change their viewpoint of Islamisation then they can hope to gain something in the future government setup of Afghanistan.

Taliban have got to think whether they were devils or they were presented like devils? And who is accountable for this horrifying appearance of Taliban? And what they have achieved in the end? Islamic State? Which they have ruined by their flawed strategy in Afghanistan. After the departure of Russian army from Afghanistan and the blood-spattered civil wars Taliban could shape a model of Islamic government in front of the people of the world. The time had given them chance to form a Sunni model of Islamic state next to Iran. The world could compare both these Islamic models living in peace side by side.

Taliban had example of Iraq war 1991 before them – how imperialist powers destroyed Iraq and its well established army. Taliban were waiting for the help of Allah but Allah sent American forces as calamity for them. After a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan Taliban did not learn any thing from their failure. Muslims have a long history of armed struggle against British and its companions in sub continent. Why Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Shah Ismael Shaheed failed in Pakhtun society struggling against Sikhs? War of Independence of 1857 was a final breakdown of Muslims armed struggle. After this Muslims and Hindus changed their course of action. And the last armed struggle was of “Reshmi Rumal Tehrik” which also ended in failure. Before partition communist armed struggle was also not successful against British. What does this mean? Violent struggle does not have legal support from world community in this modern age.

Taliban has always ignored the fact that they are just string-puppets. And puppets cannot work on their own. Agencies have used them like toilet papers and then thrown into dust bins. Secondly Taliban must not forget how they were isolated and why people turned against them? Its time to rethink how the people working for Islamic revolution failed in Muslim Society?

. It is a proven fact that our people love Islam but Taliban Islamic model is not their dream. Pakhtuns history tells us that they by no means accepted a rule imposed on them. Taliban imposed their self-made Islamic model by terrorizing Pakhtuns. This policy brought a negative reaction for Taliban. Pakhtuns even do not agree to their own rules if imposed by force. But somewhat they are persuaded by Jirga in logical way to come to terms and move away from their standpoint. Pakistan must also realize that success of Taliban movement is not the aim of Afghanis. Imposing Taliban can destroy our image in Afghanistan. It may again hurt Afghans.


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