A sentence that discloses the truth

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished Article)

Our media is making fun of the sentence uttered in the supreme court of Pakistan. No body bothers to know why the lawyer said that CIA and GHQ is a threat for the government. People might think that drowning Zardari has started blaming agencies and media to save his face. But just for a research purposes suppose a hypothesis “People’s Party is no more needed”.

Whenever America wished to play a game of their interests in this part of the world, there was military dictatorship in Pakistan. Late 50’s – The decade that saw the crack in Chinese Russian relationship, late 70’s – the decade when “Sur” and Iranian revolutions took place, late 90’s – the period when America has made its mind to invade Afghanistan, and now end of the first decade of 21st century – the period when again America is planning to exit from Afghanistan and handover some parts to extremists so that they can give tuff time to the regional players.

When occupying forces exit any area so there could be three reasons. The occupied nation may rebel against the imperialist power or the policy of imperialist power is changed or the objectives are achieved and a puppet government is installed. In case of Afghanistan the third option can be applied if Taliban are adjusted somehow in Kabul government. Obama administration has made it sure that American interests will not be at stake if Taliban are again empowered.

If someone says that America is compelled by Taliban to exit so it is a kind of day dreaming. Iranian revolution is acknowledged by the world community and the revolutionary party is still successfully running the government but America is determined to make Iranian people repentant over their struggle for revolution. America fought Iraqi army that was more equipped and sincere than Taliban so how Taliban that has no moral support from world community, can defeat Americans.

It looks very awkward when someone blames America that she is supporting Taliban. But is also a reality that how it is possible that Taliban can survive without external support. How India can support Taliban because in future these terrorists can be again used against India. India has experience of extremism in Kashmir. For China extremism is a headache in its Muslim provinces. Russia has recently solved the Chechen issue. Iran was always worried about Taliban government in Kabul in the past. All the surrounding countries have suffered from Talibanization.

Now when we come towards Pakistan so over here we see that Talibanization is on extreme. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh rightly said that Pakistan is targeting only those extremists which become threat for establishment. Everyone is aware of the fact that our different regions have nurseries of extremists. If once it was South Waziristan so now it is North Waziristan, various other agencies and Southern Punjab. Even Balochistan is considered a safe heaven for them.

Taliban were never a headache for Pakistan. Their relations surly ruined for a time being but that was only because of change of American policy. Now when regional powers are nicely playing their cards in Afghanistan so America has planned to exit from the region and again it is feared that the task to handle Taliban, is handed over to Pakistan military. In this scenario secular People’s Party is no more needed.

But this time the game is very complicated. Taliban has now direct relations with Americans. Al Qaida may be put to death to end the story. But this is the story of a horror movie where always a clue is left behind to make part 2 or sequel. Jihadi organizations got free hand in the past to destroy Afghanistan. At that time the defeated Russia was groaning because of wounds, India was busy in Kashmir to curb extremism or freedom fighters, China was busy in renovation of economy, Iran had just took a sigh of relief from Iran Iraq war and Pakistan got the free hand to handle the situation.

But now Russia is back in world politics and it will leave no stone unturned to secure its surrounding. Recently Russia showed its strength to Europe. Iran does not feel shy to tell the truth. Its viewpoint on nuclear issue and regional politics is crystal clear. China made its economic base strong enough to spare money for any adventure in its surrounding. India has exploited the situation and joined war on terror to deal with insurgencies in its own locality and now it is also part of the regional coalition against war on terror. The recent meeting of Russia, India and China was a message of the regional powers to the Americans, that what could be the consequences of American boredom of war on terror.

Pakistani establishment will have to consider all these developments before jumping into the new game of Americans. The way Pakistani Taliban are targeted is not successful cent per cent. Afghan Taliban may seem an asset to them but this asset will face tuff time from regional powers. Instead of relying on extremist we must concentrate on our own existence. This time establishment is not coming on the front to destabilize democratic process but whoever is playing for them would be deserted by the people and regional wave of political awareness.


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