America strikes at regionalism

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished article)

Western nations have always used the divide and rule strategy to rule the world. In the world war first and second what they have done to the world is not hidden from the world. Every where they vivisected the nations and left problems unsolved. The British divided Bengal in 1905 for administrative purpose but actually division was done on religious basis that sowed the seeds of hatred between Muslims and Hindus, resulting in two nation theory.

Today US as a hyper super power is using the same tool in different parts of the world to exploit the situation. Did America solve the Balkan issue? Still those people hate each other. But on the other side when USSR gave freedom to Central Asian Republics at that time all their social, provincial, geographical and political problems were solved and now we see peace in that region. But in Balkan region – the centre of Europe, what America has done was only meant to create gap between Islam and Europe.

The present policies of US are also based on divide and rule. Iran is presented like a devil just to frighten the neighboring countries to come under the nuclear umbrella of America. Sadam Hussan was hanged to divide Shia and Sunni community of Iraq. And that purpose was successfully achieved because when Sadam was put to death so Shia celebrated that moment while Sunni were angry for that. But now Iran has nicely played its cards to influence Shia community of Iraq.

Last year Jundullah attack was an attempt to harden the relations of Iran and Pakistan. Now Yemen is again a hot topic because of Al Qaida presence. Al Qaida according to a Pashto proved is just like landlord’s hen. Where there this hen is expected to be found the landlord throw stones there. In the same way Al Qaida is chased to capture any place. Now Yemen will be hot spot and can divide the regional nations. Some nations had shown their consent for construction of Chinese and Russian bases in the Gulf region while some have already given space for American bases. Al Qaida issue will serve American interests to strengthen their bases.

The American card of war on terror was successfully owned by the regional powers and now in confusion America has decided to leave the headache for regional powers. On one side America is encouraging India to work in Afghanistan and train Afghan military and on the other side they have decided to accommodate Taliban some how. Pakistan was confused in this new situation but when American delegation visited India first so Pakistan was compelled to support Taliban again. That’s why Pakistan has announced that for one year it is not possible to start military operation in North Waziristan.

As far as America will try to accommodate India in Afghanistan, in response Pakistan will concentrate on bringing up Taliban to neutralize Indian factor in Afghanistan. The recent event of targeting Drone in North Waziristan by tribal people shows Pakistan dedication to protect its assets. Only a few days ago Pakistan has practiced to hit Drones and soon it was experienced in North Waziristan. But all these efforts of India and Pakistan are because of American strategy of divide and rule that will only strengthen American cause in the region.

Now it is the responsibility of the regional players to concentrate on the issue and let not America to use the Taliban card again. Pakistan can be easily taken into confidence by the regional players like China, Iran, Russia and India.

The day when American delegation was there in India Chinese premier issued a statement that India is a friend. It shows that China is well aware of American designs. It is feared that US wants China deprived of Iranian oil and gas. Us policy regarding cutting off China from Central Asian Countries was not workable in the past. That is the reason America expressed it concerns over Pak Iran gas pipeline deal. Russia – which wishes to avoid confrontation with Iranian pipelines towards Europe, recently expressed its interests in this pipeline project towards the East. It will surely gain the confidence of India. Once this rectangle of Russia, China, Iran and India is established here in this region, Pakistan will certainly put its eggs in this basket.


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