Afghan reconciliation and its impacts on Pakistan

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished articles)

President Obama new policy is paving way for national reconciliation in Afghanistan. That simply means reconciliation with Taliban. In American corridors of power now a days discussions of involvement of Taliban in Afghan government, are taking place.  America has again issued a “Fatwa” that there are two different types of Taliban. But it must be in our minds that now a days Afghani people has started questioning the American way of bringing peace to Afghanistan. Recently I was watching a video of Matiullah Turab – an Afghani poet- he severely criticized American presence in Afghanistan while he was telling his poem to a gathering of Afghani officials and public.

According to American new policy all Taliban are not terrorists but there are some moderate Taliban too. So President Hamid Karzai can start negotiations with those so called moderate Taliban – pro American Taliban, so that coalition government can be established in Afghanistan.

But now questions arise that whether Hanid Karzai has the required credibility and tribal support to convince Taliban for reconciliation and coalition government? Can some one guarantee that Taliban after being part of the government will abide by the rules of civilized world and will go together with modern world? Because this change is not being occurred in the philosophy of Taliban but rather America has taken this step. Can some one guarantee that after this American brand reconciliation there will be peace in the region?

America is not working for bringing peace to the region but rather America is trapped in its own war on terror. That’s why before escaping or pretending to escape from Afghanistan America is struggling hard to accommodate Taliban in Afghanistan. Regarding war on terror regional powers had encircled America and Pakistan was so successful in eliminating Taliban from its territory that soon American plans were going to be disclosed but all of a sudden America changed its policy and announced its new Afghan policy. War on terror got new face “Reconciliation”.

In this way America has saved its assets “Taliban” from elimination at the hand of Pakistan and regional players. On UN platform Russia has discarded this new American policy and that’s why Russia did not take part in London Conference. Question arises that if America is really sincere in peace process so why she is searching moderate Taliban in third and fourth ranked leadership of Taliban. If she is serious in negotiations so why Mullah Omer and Central Shura of Taliban are not part of it, because they can certainly influence all spheres of Taliban.

Actually imperialist powers need any leadership for specific time. After achievements of objectives that leadership is ignored or removed from the scene. It happened after Afghan Jihad too. Now as America has decided or pretends to get out of Afghanistan so they need new leadership of Taliban that can make new promises. These new promises are not possible to make for the previous leadership. As Mullah Omer has constantly repeated his demand of withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan so Taliban support for coalition government under Mullah Omer is not possible. ISI is also excluded from these new American decisions. That’s why Nawaz Sharif has recently said that Pakistan could start these negotiations. Taliban has also rejected London Conference.

All these developments need new leadership of Taliban that can work smoothly with American brand Afghan government plus can neutralize Northern Alliance and if required can create problems for regional powers.

Afghan reconciliation has an immense effect on Pakistan. Pakistan Army has avoided supporting NRO – the brain child of Pak Army. This has opened a gateway of problems for the sitting government. On one side America and its allies are supporting reconciliation with criminal Taliban and on the other side America issued a statement that NRO is Pakistan internal issue. This American lack of interest reveals its designs for next Pakistani government. America had issued the same statement about Musharaf too, when he was confronted with crisis.

This new development has also disturbed the regional powers. Chinese journalists have expressed their views regarding Chinese military bases in Pakistan. We know that whatever is published in Chinese media that will have to come across strict censorship. It means that there is some truth in this news. China might get frightened by the new American policy about Afghanistan that’s why she is going to take this step. But regional powers must understand one thing that American game can only be contested by making political policies rather than military one.


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