Failure is a part of sportsmanship

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished article)

A sportsman is a person who is taught to be fair till the end of the game. At school level, students are introduced with sports just to make familiar with changing situations of success and failure. The main objective is to behave normally in both these extremes and to be fair during suspense like situation in game.

Now what Afridi has done is not true sportsmanship. It was a blunder but under pressure. Was it a pressure of defeat? No. it was a pressure of facing the Pakistani nation. A nation that is never taught how to face failure. Moreover, it is a reality that we cannot face failure but still as a nation, we are not successful. We always opted for escapism. Escape from reality, escape from truth, escape from our past, escape from hard work,  escape from knowledge, escape from popular will, escape from rule of majority, escape from modernism.

If the players would be confident in the playground, they could achieve success. But we Pakistanis are so narrow minded that our players have adopted such illegal methods to win for us.  Have we ever said shame shame to our kids when they fail their exams? We want to give them more courage at that time so that they may not loose heart and can work in future. On the other side if our players did not show good performance, they are treated like traitors.

But surprisingly we only demand performance from our players. We have never thought about soldier’s performance, our education sector performance, how many scientists we have produced since independence, how many inventions our scientists have done in the field of civil technology, have we ever thrown rotten eggs on politicians? When we cast vote what we have in our minds? Just few personal demands and that’s all. Have we ever thought that what is a politician performance at district level?

Have we ever protested when these players are selected? Do we know their characters? Do we know rules of sportsmanship? We are hypocrites. On one side on personal level when we fail, we call it our destiny. While on the other side, we criticize our players for poor performance.

Game should be tackled as game. Whatever our players do on the playground it reflects our national character. A defeat or success does not show our national character. However, any thing unlawful can damage our identity.

Have we ever seen an army general crying after defeat in war? No, because he is well aware of the fact that defeat is also a reality. However, we have assumed that all the successes of the world are made for us. Success comes after hard work. If any team has defeated our one, it means their struggle was far better than ours.

For last 63 years what we are teaching our generations is not wisdom but rather it is totally emotions. We have deceived our young people emotionally. That is why whenever they see any failure they get emotional. Because they are taught that we are the best, we have won all wars, India attacked like cowards in the darkness of night. Actually all modern warfare is fought at night. How it is possible that India brought its army to borders in just one single night and our intelligence agencies were totally unaware. Have we ever thought about it?

If we will teach these fairy tales to our people, they will surely behave the same. We must come out of the world of fantasies and we must have courage to face the challenges. Challenges cannot be talked by emotions only. Rather we should be emotionally hard working and intelligent to deal with the national and international challenges we are facing today.

Our abnormal behavior regarding sports is easy to be felt and criticize but the way we are dealing with other crises is also not based on reality and consciousness. Why we Pakistanis are checked from head to toe in foreign countries? Why our democratic system is always derailed? Why we always welcome dictators? If democracy is not working that is our fault. A dictator, a judge, a pressure group cannot make the democracy work for us. Supporting a usurper cannot make our system strong. Democracy will function well if the conditions necessary for it are provided. Adopting unlawful methods in game, politics, economics and diplomacy will only defame us as a nation.


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