Intellectual’s segregation over Taliban

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished article)

Since the very first day of Taliban movement in Afghanistan, the intellectuals of world are divided about their objectives, philosophy, and supporters or funding. It does not mean that the Talibanization is a difficult phenomenon to discuss or it is very complicated scientific hypothesis but rather these intellectuals are bound to represent the viewpoint of their respective groups. It is 100 percent certain that all these scholars are well aware of the objectives of Taliban movement and their regional and international supporters.

In this piece of writing, the objective is not to discuss the past of the Taliban movement. It will be emphasized here to find out the conflicting point in different viewpoints about America, Terrorism and Taliban.

Some of our writers, political activists, and religious circles are of the opinion that America is the sole cause of all these terrorists’ activities. They totally exclude Taliban from this international great game and their main point is that Taliban are pro Pakistan and they have nationalist approach. Now if it is so, why regional powers do not trust Taliban? Can they tell us any example that Taliban has tried to extend their hands of friendship towards regional powers like China, Russia, and Iran? Because all these countries are considered to have anti American approach. If these intellectuals are really anti American, why America or black water did not target them?

On the other side, we have some critics that totally blame Taliban for such criminal activities. However, surprisingly they do not affiliate Taliban with America. But they think that Pakistan army still consider Taliban as an asset. They are of the opinion that Taliban has their own agenda and philosophy. And Taliban are also threat for American interest. But on the same time, they affiliate Jundallah with America and they are of the opinion that America is using Jundallah against Iran. Now questions arise that if Pakistani ISI has still links with Taliban so how can we keep out CIA from this viscous game. And if America can use Jundallah against Iran so why they can’t use Taliban against regional powers?

There is third group of scholars that consider segregation in Taliban as good Taliban and bad Taliban. They are of the opinion that bad Taliban are anti Pakistan and good Taliban are pro Pakistan. While America is using the same terminology but with different prospect. America is of the opinion that bad Taliban are terrorists and good Taliban are those gentlemen which adopted this profession because of poverty. Now here again Pakistani and American approaches are at cross roads. Ours good Taliban are considered bad in American perception and vice versa. Again, the question is that whether these good Taliban are part of any separate group or they are mixed with amalgamation of good and bad Taliban. If these good Taliban are part of mainstream so how they will be separated from bad Taliban and if they have separate group so what are their objectives and how they assembled together to form one unit? Can they influence other segments of Taliban?

These are some of the prevalent opinions about Taliban, America and terrorism. Now there is one another perception that Taliban are puppets of America. Recently one of the leaders of Shia Community expressed his view after Karachi dual bomb blasts. He openly claimed that Taliban are working for America – the Satan. He gave an example that in Iraq for three hundred years there were no Shia Sunni riots but now Shia and Sunni are fighting there after American intrusion. This group of scholars says that Jihadi organizations are the brainchild of America and still they obey their masters. Once they were Mujahideen and now they are Taliban.

If we study the history of Afghan Jihad, so one thing is clear that this approach has historical continuity. Instead of looking into the past one can study the existing developments and come to the conclusion that this approach can be verified by the policies of regional powers.  After the announcement of America new policy for Afghanistan, regional countries have taken some steps that clearly show their fear against Neo-Talibanization in the region.

India and Iran have held meetings to counter terrorism inside Pakistan. Recently Iranian Foreign Minister has asked Pakistan that if Pakistan is not able to tackle the issue so Iran will ultimately handle the issue. China has expressed its interest in building its military bases in Pakistan. Russia did not take part in London Conference. General Kiyani after return from Brussels said that what we do not need for Pakistan, we cannot wish that for Afghanistan. Soon after this announcement, India wished for negotiations.

What compelled India to start negotiations? The fear of Talibanization in the region again. All these neighbors wish to bring Pakistan out of American influence. Once Pakistan dared to curb extremists for the sake of peace in the region surly that will be the last day of our miseries.


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