Kashmir issue – the hurdle in South Asia’s development

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished article)

The Kashmir issue is now a kind of psychological problem for the people of India and Pakistan. This issue is still unsettled for the reasons that both these countries are constantly insisting to resolve the issue according to their national interests and requirements. Because of this behaviour of India and Pakistan, Kashmiris the key stakeholders, are affected severely. Both these nations have deserted Kashmiris and now they believe that their identity is tarnished.

If India is killing Kashmiris, Pakistan in 63 years has only given them joblessness and ignorance. Pakistan even could not satisfy the small population of Kashmir. In the past Pakistan with support of CIA had made them terrorists. Pakistan told lie to its people that Kashmiris are freedom fighters. It was a sheer deception. Today Pakistan claims that military operation is not the solution. So how the armed struggle of Kashmiris can be justified.

India too has no mandate to kill Kashmiris. If India thinks that freedom fighters are terrorists supported by Pakistan and CIA, even then India has no right to kill innocent Kashmiris. India must confine its operations to terrorists only. Incase of failure she can take support of regional countries to pressurize Pakistan.

It is very clear that both sides have exploited Kashmiris. Pakistan has made them terrorists while India has killed them ruthlessly. Of course, Pakistan has started this fire with American support but now both sides should stop these atrocities and Kashmiris must be allowed to decide their destiny. However, before giving them this opportunity Pakistan and India should create job opportunities, construct and reform their educational institutions. After these developmental projects, Kashmiris can decide in a better way.

But there is another aspect of Kashmir issue. The solution of Kashmir issue may severely influence Chinese, Iranian, Indian, Pakistani and Russian politics. Because all these countries have separatists movements in their premises. Therefore, the solution of Kashmir should be acceptable to the regional countries also. Certainly, the arbitration must come from Shanghai Cooperation Organization – the regional platform.

It will be better if the negotiations are started from the point agreed in Musharaf period. The hurdle in the development of South Asia is the tussle of India and Pakistan. India, once nonaligned, is now a days a centre of conspiracies of American interests while Pakistan is totally trapped in the American jaws.

A regional coalition is the only solution. In the past when Kashmir was burning at that time, the regional countries were busy in their own problems to resolve. China was worried about its transition in economy. Iran was reconstructing after eight years prolonged war with Iraq.  Russia was licking its wounds after Afghan defeat. But now scenario is totally changed. All these countries are stable enough to lend their hands to resolve this issue on regional level.

Western nations have always used the divide and rule strategy to rule the world. In the world war first and second, what they have done to the world is not hidden from the world. Everywhere they vivisected the nations and left problems unsolved. The British divided Bengal in 1905 for administrative purpose but actually division was done on religious basis that sowed the seeds of hatred between Muslims and Hindus, resulting in two nation theory.

Today US as a hyper super power is using the same tool in different parts of the world to exploit the situation. Did America solve the Balkan issue? Still those people hate each other. But on the other side when USSR gave freedom to Central Asian Republics at that time all their social, provincial, geographical and political problems were solved and now we see peace in that region. But in Balkan region – the centre of Europe, what America has done was only meant to create gap between Islam and Europe.

The present policies of US are also based on divide and rule. Iran is presented like a devil just to frighten the neighboring countries to come under the nuclear umbrella of America. Sadam Hussan was hanged to divide Shia and Sunni community of Iraq. And that purpose was successfully achieved because when Sadam was put to death, Shia celebrated that moment while Sunni were angry for that. Now Iran has nicely played its cards to influence Shia community of Iraq. Last year Jundullah attack was an attempt to harden the relations of Iran and Pakistan.

Now when India and Pakistan has again started negotiations, this time regional countries must play an active role. America should not again get a chance to divide the two warring neighbors of South Asia. Russia- the natural ally of Eurasian countries and strong hold on military technology, and China- the emerging power of Asia and getting strong footings in civil technology, must come forward to solve the issue.


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