Interior diplomacy to counter terrorism

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished article)

The interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik has presented the proposal of interior diplomacy to counter terrorism. Interior diplomacy will be one of the main topics to be discussed during the coming SAARC conference. All the interior ministers of SAARC countries are invited to this conference, while Iran, Afghanistan and Chinese interior ministers are also requested to attend this conference.

The imperialist powers have various layers of their policies to take hold of the resources of the world. What they apparently pronounce is the outer layer of their evil imperialist designs. These outer layers are always ornamented in such a way that no one can argue with them to point out their evil designs. Imperialist powers use all propaganda tools to glamorize their policies.

Financial crises, terrorism, reconciliation, global warming, human rights, financial aids, nuclear proliferation, all are different layers of imperialist powers. They use these tools to control politics, economies and resources of weaker as well as developing nations.

It is a fact that anti state groups whatever their strength is, can not coup with state machinery. But today these anti state elements have established links with external powers. These groups design their policies to promote the hegemony of imperialist nations.

CIA is caught red-handed many times to facilitate these anti state elements in different parts of the world. On political level America condemns all these anti state elements but CIA is given free hand to use these groups.  That’s why any nation can not control these terrorists organizations single headedly. As the weaker nations can not compete with economic and military policies of imperialist nation, the same way they can not handle this international terrorism. So cooperation among countries is must to face and control this new great game of America.

At this moment interior diplomacy is a new concept against these evil designs. The glimpse of this policy can be felt in the arrests of top leadership of terrorist organization. Few days back Pakistan has arrested Mullah Birader and few other central leaders of Afghan Taliban. Last days Iran has also arrested the Abdul Malik Rigi, the leader of Jundullah. It is believed that Pakistan has also played a role in this episode.

These arrests are considered a very significant event after America’s Afghan reconciliation policy and Hilmand operation. Similarly opening of India-Pakistan’s door for negotiations and Chinese response about it is also an encouraging development in the region. Behind all these developments there seems harmony and unity of minds. And this can be called the true interior diplomacy. As far as regional coalition is must to get this region free of American hegemony, so is the interior diplomacy required to pave way for this regional coalition.

It is a blessing that Pakistan has taken the initiative to convince the regional countries for cooperation against terrorism. For the last six decades Pakistan has played such a role that destabilized this region. Its previous role against India, Russia, Afghanistan and even Iran is condemnable. Even its relations with China are meant to counter India. Pak-China relations never blocked the way of American imperialism. But all is well that ends well. Even if now Pakistan promises not to use its land against regional players, it will surely bring prosperity to this divided region. Actually in one way only Pakistan was a hurdle in establishment of Asiatic Federation – which our forefathers once dreamed before Partition.

Economic compulsions have brought Western nations to join hands together. Over here in this region still our economic relations are different from our neighbors but American policy of war on terror has brought us together. Again it is a turning point in history of Asia. It is also a kind of blessing of Heavens to dispose the policy of cruel nations. If this opportunity is not availed properly the desperate and conscious people of Asia will never forgive their ruler for this.

America has no option left to exploit this deserted region again. But awakening Asia has dozens of opportunities and options to use and make this region a paradise.


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