India-Pakistan hunting for mediators

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished Article)

In 1999 when I was student of Journalism (final year) at Peshawar university, the university arranged a trip to Chinese embassy at Islamabad.  The Chinese ambassador Lu Shu Lin while answering the questions, was asked a question by a student, “China says that Pakistan and India should resolve the Kashmir issue by table talks while China on the other hand show off weapons to the people of Taiwan”. The ambassador replied that Kashmir is a bilateral issue of India and Pakistan. Both claim Kashmir as their belonging. So you people will have to resolve the issue peacefully. While Taiwan is part of China and the world has admitted it. Moreover the weapons are shown to those warships which move around Taiwan.

Once in late 90’s Shusmita Suraj of India was invited to PTV’s program, hosted by Talat Hussein and produced by Zafar Iqbal Bungash.  She openly said that India and Pakistan must not take the help of mediator to resolve Kashmir issue. A third person is always a troublemaker.

India always opposed the idea of arbitrator. For the last few decades India insisted that Kashmir is a bilateral issue that’s why India and Pakistan should get to the bottom of this problem mutually. Their argument was that any arbitrator will solve the issue according to its own interests. India Always feared that America would try to make Kashmir a separate state that would be a hard nut for the regional nations.

Pakistan on the other hand always tried to mobilize world community for solution of Kashmir problem. But Pakistan always ignored that Pakistan’s this behavior always broken up the peace process. India never appreciated this kind of Pakistani approach.

But it is a fact that always India and Pakistan problems are solved whenever there was mediator between them to facilitate. The peace agreement after 1965 war was made possible by Russia’s sincere efforts. The Kargil issue was solved when Pakistani Prime Mister Nawaz Sharif visited Washington.

At present India again gave a green signal for negotiations. India wants to start negotiations based on terrorism issue while Pakistan – considering it a golden opportunity – is trying to convince India for discussing the Kashmir issue. Before sending off Pakistani delegation to India, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi visited China. It shows Pakistan dedication to regional approach, stability and unity. Recently India and China have settled their border issues successfully. So China can help Pakistan to understand Indian mentality.

In fact Pakistan should understand that terrorism is our urgent issue to be resolved. Where Kashmiris have waited for six decades they can even now wait for few years more. Of course water is urgently required for our fields but what we will do with this water if our mosques, schools, police stations, hospitals, check posts and markets are not safe. In 63 years we have not managed to store water properly. Now why someone else should be blamed? Sugar was available in abundance but even then its prices were raised. Is this India’s fault?

Our country is in state of civil war but alas we are compelling India to come to our terms. We are thinking that India might be begging for peace. But the reality is that Pakistan is burning. India has taken a bold step to engage Saudi Arabia in this matter. Hamid Karzai had also done the same last month. Saudi Arabia was the main supporter of Jihadi groups till 2001. Secondly its religious identity is respected all over the Muslim world.

In a way India has exposed the nexus of America and Saudi Arabia. Pakistani delegation during their visit to India tried to convince Indians that Pakistan does not have any control on terrorists nor is Pakistan supporting them. It’s a truth too because Pakistan is not onboard in these recent negotiations and reconciliation with Taliban.  It gives the idea that than where is the hidden hand?  In reality India has directly contacted the broker of Taliban.

Last month America has announced that America is not directly involved in negotiations with Taliban. Now Saudi Arabia too has announced that she does not have any connection with Taliban. What does it mean?  The answer is simple that whenever regional players will come close to each other the difficult riddles are solved. People are not stupid enough to be deceived by these false statements.

Now the evil is trapped. These must be some one to nip it. Terrorists will soon wash out of the scene if regional countries collectively try to eliminate them. Pakistan and India has pointed out the centers of terrorism. Now regional nations should break their silence. Especially Russia and China must come forward to own this issue. What are they waiting for?


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