US regressing in Afghanistan

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)

Let us sit in a time machine and see in our mind’s eye that we are breathing in the period when the wounds of 9/11 are still fresh. Now visualize what the US is doing these days, apply it on that era.  Is it according to America’s claims, ideas, and dreams? Al-Qaeda is still strong enough like the past to even the score. Taliban are thrown out and their government is put to an end but still they are strong enough to sit on table for negotiations. Even America is begging Taliban to distance themselves from Al-Qaeda. Does Al-Qaeda stronger than Iraqi Army? America never begged some one like this even when Russian Empire existed. It sounds very awkward when we hear that reconciliation and compromise is the outcome of 9 years American policies.

Now who is having the upper hand? Adjusting Taliban in Kabul is a story of success or failure. However, fortunately American policies have brought Asians to get together. Now have a serious look at the U-turns and Volte-face in the region. First America took the about turn and now war on terror is termed as reconciliation. However, this reconciliation is also owned by the regional countries. War on terror was also welcomed by the regional nations. India is thinking about negotiations with Taliban and Pakistan. Pakistan has also taken the bold decision for the stability of the region. First Pakistan decided to destroy its own assets of Jihadi era and now Pakistan is also working hard to win the confidence of Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. The arrest of Taliban leaders can be one of the links to this aspect.

Iranian president visit to Afghanistan and revealing American game of 9/11 for capturing Baghdad and Kabul, is a new development of the region. Surprisingly the same day Hamid Karzai came to Pakistan. Is this all according to American plans? Certainly not. In 2001 all the neighbors of Afghanistan were standing very far from each other. But now Iran is closer to Pakistan than ever. The arrest of Jundullah leader Abdul Malik Regi, flying from Pakistan to UAE, shows some out of sight understanding and sympathies between Iran and Pakistan. There is a little postponement in Iran-Pakistan peace gas project but it does not imply that Pakistan will give up this project at the cost of French Nuclear Deal, promised by America.

In 2001, India and Pakistan were not in high spirits with each other because of Kargil episode but today if truth be told both these countries are in search of peace in the region. In Jihad era, India was cut off from Afghanistan but today India has invested more than other neighbors of Afghanistan. Finding way to Central Asia, India will not at all blackmail the countries along the route.

It seems that there is no clash of Indian and Chinese interests in Afghanistan. Obviously, there is economic competition between these two giants but it is totally based on the principles of economics rather than power politics.

Studding the current internal scenario of Afghanistan it can be straightforwardly concluded that all those segments, which were once rejected by Americans, are getting stronger, and extending their hands towards the regional countries. Afghans have better experience of foreign sponsored Jihad. They have seen the consequences too. Now it is very difficult to use them again against regional powers.

In the end, I just ask some questions. Americans should ask themselves that if their aim was to get rid of terrorism, so is it done? If their aim was to reside in Afghanistan, so who is having upper hand in this matter, regional countries or US? In fact, America always strike at regionalism but this time she is trapped. It is said, “Man proposes God disposes”. It proved cent percent in case of America. Everywhere Americans have divided the people but in case of Afghanistan –still there are problems – American policies have brought foes together. It shows that now Asians are more farsighted than Westerns. Balkan problem shows the divided mentality of Europeans. In the west, it is said that to be on American side guarantee development. But over here Asians have different approach towards development. This approach can pave the way towards the concept of Asiatic Federation, provided regional powers take interest in this respect.



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