The West promotes extremism

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished Article)

Who is Talib (plural Taliban)? For decades common people may not understand this riddle. If Taliban are really against America then who is supporting them? Who is providing them money and weapons? It is said that Arabs are funding them but we know that among Arabs two things are very popular; one is “American cars” and second is “American wives”. It seems impossible that Arabs will take any action against the wishes of America. If it is really true that Arabs are providing them financial assistance so it could be the joint adventure of Arabs and US. On the other side it is against the philosophy of China, Russia, Iran and India to promote fundamentalists.

The region where I am living, it is very common to get sight of Taliban. Even common people tell the stories of their courage, bravery, barbarism, kidnapping and arbitration among quarrelling people. I often see those wounded people who are injured in Drone attacks. It is very easy to confirm whether they are locals or foreigners. Foreigners mostly do not answer any question. They try not to speak. Secondly, after anesthesia the operation theater’s staff tells that these wounded Taliban speak using their mother language.

Last week I was asked to work as translator between a Western missionary psychiatrist who belonged to Finland and a local Pathan Talib – perhaps who got injuries in Drone attack in Waziristan region. The Pathan Talib belonged to Kurram Agency. The psychiatrist asked many questions but there were some questions that showed the Western mentality towards extremism and their psychological efforts to promote this menace.

When the psychiatrist started his interview, his first question was “America is a liar, she destroyed her own buildings and came to this region, what do you think?” the Talib was an illiterate person he just smiled and said, “I do not understand what are you asking”. Actually, the Talib never thought in this way. The next question was “even UN is slave of America. UN is not caring for Muslim rights. Do you agree?” The Talib again said, “I am an illiterate person, I do not understand what you are saying”. The next question. “It is said that in Afghanistan it is a fight between Shia and Sunni. What kind of fight is here in Pakistan?”. The Talib said, “Over here in Pakistan we must be united to fight against the foreigners”. The Talib suggested that Shia and Sunni should be united against America. The psychiatrist asked, “Drone attacks are casing death of innocent people. It is said that Pakistan has given them permission, what do you say?” The Talib just simply said yes some are innocent. He did not deny that all are innocent. The last question was “In the Western countries young people have made the pictures of Osama on their bodies. They think that US is usurper of rights of all the people of the world. We Western people are timid and have done nothing to stop America. However, Osama and Taliban are fighting against America. Osama is a kind of hero for Western young people. What do you say?” The Talib gave a very strange answer that I was not expecting. He said, “Every one has used us and destroyed us. Now it must be over”. The psychiatrist asked, “What is the solution?” the Talib said, “Education. Education will open our eyes to understand who is at wrong”

I was not expecting that an ignorant and uneducated Talib would answer in this way. The psychiatrist tried its best to arouse his feelings against America and to give backing to extremism in his mind. I have noticed that whenever foreigners visit this area, I have never seen them to investigate about the educational, political, and economical systems. The root causes of this issue are always ignored and now it is a new development that they are provoking the locals against America.

As a teacher I always try to portray a good image of the West to my pupil. I try to make them religiously tolerant to other communities. This South Asian region was once an example of secularism. But it happens always that whenever there is a little bit calmness in this region the West brings some thing new to arouse the feelings of Asians, especially Muslims. Few years back they have printed Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. It just irritates the people and alternately its helps American’s interests to strengthen. Because truly speaking Western countries never tried to decrease the tension here. Disturbance in the region serves American interest and the West always promoted it.


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