Afghan reconciliation hinders Waziristan operation

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished Article)

Now a days after the arrest of Faisal Shehzad, the Pakistani analysts are again divided over the issue. Some analysts are of the opinion that it is a conspiracy against Pakistan while some analysts support the American point of view about Waziristan operation. If this event is studied thoroughly, it again refreshes the memories of 9/11. At that time all the events followed by, were systematically linked to each other in a very dramatic way and the same is happening again. At that time when America declared that Al-Qaeda is involved in the 9/11 episode, Al-Qaeda too obediently verified that claim of America and even now as America blamed Taliban for Time Square event, again Taliban verified American claim. It is very strange that always Taliban rejected such allegations against them that can lead to wage a war against them. However, incase of America, Taliban always welcomed and accepted US allegations. This attitude of Taliban compels us to think that Taliban are American puppets and agents.

There is another aspect of Time Square episode that is still not discussed by any one. Pakistani Taliban has taken the responsibility of this event but America is pressurizing Pakistan to start operation against Afghani Taliban. Logically Taliban – whatever their affiliation is- are a serious threat for our solidarity. The only solution is to prevent this cancer from spreading in our society. But is it possible from military point of view? When we started operations against Pakistani Taliban that resulted in bloodshed in every nook and corner of Pakistan. So is it suitable to start a war against Afghani Taliban at this critical situation? If we study American strategy in Afghanistan, it is evident that America is not attacking Pakistani Taliban. Bait Ullah Mehsood was targeted at that time when Pakistani army has almost surrounded him completely. America targets only those Pakistani Taliban which threatens American interests.

Logically it is wrong if Pakistani is not starting operation against Afghani Taliban. But it is a realistic decision of Pakistan army. In politics some decisions are ideologically correct but its practical manifestation has terrible effects. If we believe in this principle in politics, so in the same way we must not forget this rule in the battlefield. Pakistan army started war on terror and now we should not doubt its policies. But we can be wary of American policies in the region. When Pakistan army was defeating Taliban in various location in Pakistan, at that time US started reconciliation policy in Afghanistan. Even a share in Kabul government was demanded for Taliban. Was it a demand from Afghani people? Moreover, why the doors of this reconciliation are close for Haqani group? In a way US has seduced Afghani young people to join the ranks of Taliban to get maximum help, hoping US reconciliation with Taliban.

After Faisal Shehzad arrest, US issued strange statements. It was said by The US that Pakistani Army has more information about Osama hideout. Previously US has accused Tehran for giving shelter to Osama. However, Iran gave a bold response by saying that Osama is in Washington. Free nations have free will. The difference between Iran and Pakistan is that US failed to alienate Iran even after a very hard struggle. Iran has proved to the world that the world is now no more uni-polar. US hegemony is challenged by Iran in Middle East.

But on the other side Pakistan is totally trapped by US. All routes coming to Islamabad passes through Washington. If we do not obey American dictation that can lead to alienation of Pakistan. Simply North Waziristan operation is our compulsion. We will have to do it. However, the problem will arise if Pakistani and Afghani Taliban join hands against us. Moreover, may be America reaches any agreement with Afghani Taliban in Afghanistan and let them cross the border, so it will engrave the situation for us that can lead to civil war in Pakistan.

After 9/11, US used undiplomatic language to get angry Pakistani army. However, thanks to Pervez Musharaf that he realized that gravity of the situation and became part of war on terror. Later US hoped that Pakistani army would fail to curb terrorists, as these American puppets were very strong politically and militarily. But again, Pakistani army opted for a very strange strategy by dividing Taliban in two groups that is local and foreigner Taliban. This strategy was criticized by the world but practically it was a best choice after two decades of Jihadi policy. At last, when army and politician convinced the general Pakistani masses against terrorists, army started massive operations against terrorists with the help politicians at the back. But here again America betrayed by starting reconciliation policy with Taliban in Afghanistan. It created mistrust in Pakistani army that whether to get rid of Taliban or to bring them up for future political and military necessities in Afghanistan.

It is crystal clear that we do not need Taliban and their any shape is a threat to our security but this war can not be won according to American strategy. Fighting this war on American pitch will benefit America only. American policy is dubious. Once US declared Taliban as a severe threat to world security but now US is considering Taliban as an unquestionable fact and a power factor. Pakistan will have to eliminate these hired killers but this operation could only be successful if fought with regional support. The regional powers will also have to sacrifice their interests to strengthen Pakistan against this menace. Otherwise, regional organizations and powers will lose a chance to force to leave US from this region.


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