Beijing – keep on visiting Islamabad and Kabul

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)

Islamabad is again trapped. In the east of Pakistan, India has recently given green signal to support US in the war against terror. It is true that in this modern world, distancing from powerful nations is risky for any nation but independent analysts were not expecting this behavior from India for the reason that US itself is the sole cause of terror. Pakistan is also supporting US in the war against terror but one thing should be noticed that Pakistan has fought this war on its own land and we are repentant for our previous role in Afghanistan.

Extending hands of friendship towards US is just a deception to oneself. India must think that why Russia and China are not sending their troops to Afghanistan. Even US western allies are getting bore of the situation. In the south west of Pakistan, Iran is targeted by the US. China and Russia also helped US to impose sanctions on Iran. Russia always tries to incline towards Europe. The reason is that Russia wants to alienate US in Europe. But Russia should not forget that if she will talk to Europe with Asian weight she will gain a lot and there will be more chances of success.

China has followed Russia in the matter of Iran but she will have to see the consequences of its wrong decision very soon. Suppose if China thinks that opposing US was not reasonable then China must remember that many times she has taken unfair steps in past when America was impatient to defeat USSR. In 80’s China appreciated General Zia, the dictator and the usurper, and declared him the ambassador of the true wishes of Pakistanis. But actually Zia was the person who destroyed Pakistani youth by starting American branded Jihad against USSR. China must prove itself the true representative of Asian nations, otherwise Asians will surely look towards some one else.

In the west of Pakistan, Afghanistan is reaping the crops of its own mistakes and then followed by intrigues of Pakistan. One can not control its feelings to hear the stories of young, handsome, and educated gentlemen, killed by the so called uneducated Mujahideens in the end of 70’s and start of 80’s. Again in 90’s Taliban also killed almost all enlightened people of Afghanistan. Today there is dearth of wise people in Afghanistan. The enlightened neighbors of Afghanistan are doing a lot of paper work but practically the performance is zero. By studding the website of Shanghai Cooperation organization, it seems that these countries are doing a lot particularly about terrorism but practically US is ruling Afghanistan and all the groups over there.

Internally Pakistan is confronted with multifaceted problems. There is a chain of problems that has encircled Pakistan. It’s every analyst is giving the free advice that Pakistan must change its policies. But it must be kept in mind that Pakistan is in debt not only regarding money but rather its politics, religion, society, values, all are declining.

But is this necessary that the neighbors of Pakistan should wait for the time when Pakistan will take the bold decision to change its policies. Is this practical to wait for the cries of the drowning man? Pakistan’s neighbors especially China must come forward to hold the hand of this drowning and repentant nation.

After supporting restrictions against Iran, China has paved the way for America to raise legal objections on Pak-Iran gas project. Now China should come forward boldly with its civil nuclear technology to help Pakistan control its energy crisis or to support Iran and Pakistan to reach any profitable situation.

On the other hand China and Russia, instead of passing resolutions, delivering speeches on Afghan issue, must play their active role to visit Islamabad and Kabul and mold the mentality of the bureaucracy of these war torn countries. If these two nations are looking towards America for help, the reason is that there is no legitimate regional solution presented up till now. Still the regional powers are rearing up their own interests.

It is said that Pakistanis and Afghanis have the mentality of confrontation but actually these nations have the mentality of reconciliation by Jirga and punchayat. With the passage of time theirs this mentality of reconciliation is perverted. This hostile mentality is the outcome of the ruling class inclination towards western powers. People of these two countries have left with no other option but to express their views harshly. History shows that our forefathers came to the conclusion that non violence is the solution to fight against Western powers. Today Russia and China are non violent nations but they should also come forward with solutions to help Kabul and Islamabad. US presence in the region will only intensify the situation. Having burning fire in the neighborhood, Russia and China will never succeed to find gateway to reach European nations.



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