Conflicting interests mar Iran

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished article)

Security Council decision about Iran has opened a new chapter for discussion. A lot has been written regarding positive and negative aspects of this decision and almost all angles of this decision are either praised or criticized. But still there is need to discuss this issue from many angles. Sometimes our journalist community, while defending certain aspects of any matter, forgets that what the hidden truth is. Sometimes they sacrifice the truth just to defend an honest person. An honest person may sometimes speak lies but truth is always truth, it is always bitter too but we must always defend the truth. We must have the courage to speak the truth and listen the truth. Certainly our this behavior will help all the sincere people to be on the right track.

US, almost a month ago, announced that all the parties are on board against Iran. It was not surprising to hear that China and Russia supported US in this unfair decision. But still our journalist community is trying to portray a heartening picture of this decision of Russia and China. They forget that they are justifying an unjust decision.

It is said that the reason to support this decision was to stop US from attacking Iran because in 2003 US bypassed UN and attacked Iraq. Our journalist community must not forget that previously they have propagated that US is no more the sole super power and it needs the support of other powerful nations. Now these two concepts are opposite to each other.  The recent approach proves that still US is the sole super power and it still has the legitimacy and courage to attack any independent nation unilaterally.

So justifying Russia and China at this stage is unjust. We must not feel shy to criticize Russia and China in this matter. If we fear that by criticizing China and Russia, we may damage the struggle of these two nations for peace, than this thinking is even unfair. How can we justify unlawful acts for the sake of legitimacy and reformation?  Then what is the difference between us and US.

It is also a truth that after accepting the American approach, China started its struggle to sell nuclear power plants to Pakistan. It is also a fact that Russia wants to avoid economic confrontation with Iran in search of markets for oil and gas towards the west. Russia wishes that Iran should expand its business eastward instead of extending its hands towards Turkey. This Russian support for US could be a signal for Iran to stop its movement towards the west. Iran with strong civil nuclear technology can also become a threat for local powers in future. In the light of these facts, we cannot guarantee that Russia and China have clean slates and innocent.

On the other hand, regarding the objections of Turkey on this decision, the analysts justify this act of Turkey on the grounds that still the doors of negotiations with Iran are open. Turkey has made a possibility to solve the issue by negotiations. Again this point is contrary to the first analysis that Russia and China supported US just to avoid the situation like 2003. The question arises that why Turkey could not understand this viewpoint of Russia and China. Secondly, in 2003, all the major powers were against US but still the doors of negotiations were closed and US attacked Iraq. Actually, the reason of Turkey’s opposition to the decision was that Turkey’s efforts were denied in this matter. Moreover, Turkey like Russia too wants to have good relations with Europe. However, Turkey wants to enter Europe with Asian support at the back. Both Iran and Turkey wants to play a role in their surrounding areas and it seems that they do not have any conflict of interests.

Suppose that Russia and China were fair enough in this matter but does it prove that US was also thinking on the same footings. Does US also wanted to avoid war with Iran or there was some thing else that US wanted to achieve. Actually the main intention of the US was not only to impose sanctions but rather US just wanted to get the world united against Iran because Iran has raised the voice against US hegemony in the region. It is a fact that Russia and China in the 21st century never tried to challenge US in the region. The presence of US in their neighborhood is the sign of their defeat or may be an understanding to exploit the resources of Afghanistan.

Suppose Russia ad China were sincere enough to compel Iran to come to negotiation table, but why they have done it by playing on American pitch. Playing on American pitch will do good to America only. Secondly why they wished to resolve the issue on the platform that always supported US interests. This problem could be solved on regional level. But it is very discouraging to see that SCO is not willing or prepare to resolve regional issues. Pakistan and Indian membership in the SCO was opposed on the same grounds because then Kashmir issue may be brought to regional level.

Iran is systematically isolated. That was the real intention of US. But it is hoped that Iran will not follow Sadam model and she will try to plan in such a way that US intention would not accomplish. War and war like situation is the favorite fields of US.  No one can defeat US in this filed. Only negotiations and reconciliation is the solution to the problem. The intention of the US was to irritate Iran and then corner it. However

It is said that still the doors of negotiations are open for Iran. Iran must avoid confrontation for the time being. The way US collected support to impose sanctions is an indication that US is not going to spare Iran. We will have to close all those openings from where US can pretend to reform and creep in, like terrorism, nuclear issue, unsafe nuclear weapons, dictatorship, poverty, extremism.


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