McChrystal exit reveals US hypocrisy

Asia Times 20


Farman Nawaz


Mac Crystal’s dismissal is considered as the dominance of civil bureaucracy in American system. Most of the critics of American political system see this episode as strong control of politicians in American corridors of power. Obama’s decision was praised all over the world. But some analysts were of the opinion that it reflects the controversies in American power centers about Afghan war. It is said that the dismissal of Mac Crystal is the example of loss of senses of US administration because US is losing Afghan war.

However, the removal of Mac Crystal from his office reminds the stories of the deportation of officers of East India Company in the Subcontinent. English journalism started in India in the end of sixteen century. As most of the officers were busy in making their own fortunes so they were opposed to the freedom of press. It might reveal their misdeeds to the English merchants of London or may be their activities were a threat to the balance of power in London between feudal aristocracy and business class.

Journalistic entrepreneurs also exposed the secrets of company’s army to the rebels. That is why many editors of newspapers were deported to England. Even in 1836 Governor General Sir Charles Metcalfe, his reign is memorable for the withdrawal of all restrictions on the press, was removed from his office on the same grounds. He was told that press freedom will promote knowledge; which will darken the future of British Empire. In response, he tells that if depriving Indians from knowledge is necessary to strengthen British rule so this rule is a curse for India. To pay him tribute, Indians constructed a library “Metcalfe Hall” in Calcutta, a centre of spreading knowledge.

Now the question is that can we apply the same formula on Mac Crystal? If truth be told he is deported from Afghanistan, the same way English editors and officers were deported few centuries back. Was he busy in making his own fortune? Was he a threat to any kind of balance of power in Washington? The answer is no. What could be the reason of his dismissal? The reason of his dismissal is his approach towards the war on terror. He announced flaws in the policy and gave a practical a solution to the war on terror and ultimate success in the war. But all this is done at a time when Washington is not interested in victory. At the moment Washington is getting support for reconciliation with Taliban rather than defeating them. Defeating Taliban is no more the option for US. US want to preserve their assets Taliban for the future needs in the region.

US civil administration is not strong enough to oppose policies of Pentagon and CIA. However, the efforts of Mac Crystal are individual in nature. He opposed American system as an individual that is why he was kicked out. Whenever US army as an organization will oppose Obama administration then the world will come to know the worth of US civil bureaucracy. We have the example of former vice president Al Gore. How systematically the presidency was stolen. On that occasion, the system and media targeted a civilian and establishment fully supported the Supreme Court. Republicans led by Steve Buyer (R-IN) – then Chairman of the House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee – manufactured a campaign of lies and slander against Democrats. Their campaign included actions that were without any doubt and explicitly illegal. Military regulations prohibit service members from participating in political activities. But Buyer enlisted service members in a campaign to attack Democrats.

If non-partisan election officials in compliance with the law had counted the votes in Florida, Gore would have won Florida. Unfortunately, George W. Bush, his brother Governor Jeb Bush, Secretary of State Katherine Harris, a partisan Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Republican-owned media did everything in their power to prevent a fair and legal count of the votes. That theft of presidency puts a question mark on the transparency of American political and judicial system.

Though Mac Crystal does not clearly pointed towards the real intension of US policy of war on terror but his interview reveals the hypocrisy in the US policy. He is punished for telling the dual standards in war against terror. But this episode also exposes the truth that even before the publishing of the interview the government took the action. It reveals the standard of censorship on free and fair media in US.

Moreover, make it clear in your minds that in near future Obama will confess and express his views about the atrocity with Mac Crystal and the “Innocent” Americans will clap for him. It is a tradition in western society to reveal the facts later on. However, it is merely catharsis, nothing else.


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