The reality of victory and defeat in Afghanistan

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)

Who is winning the war of terror in Afghanistan? No one can give the exact answer. But on the whole the world media is discussing a humiliating defeat on the part of America. Even American media is raising question about war on terror. Now the problem is that what is the logic of announcing defeat or triumph.

Announcements of winning or losing war in Afghanistan is now a days a tool of exploiting the situation and finding justification for policies. Any party announcing its defeat or triumph has its own logic to look after its vested interests. What Zardari has said last days, is not his own opinion but rather he just re-announced the reports of Western media. Actually few months back western media was propagating the defeat of coalition forces in Afghanistan. Later on the same media supported reconciliation with Taliban. That was the logic of announcement of defeat of coalition forces in Afghanistan. But Zardari has different logic behind this. He just wanted to tell the world that Pakistan is not a soft nut to be broken.

Apparently America always pretends to work for the betterment of the region. But US and its allies always secretly try to strike at any regional effort to normalize relations. People studding the different aspects of Afghanistan affairs, can easily notice that whenever the regional countries are coming closer to each other, US and its allies starts discussing the threats of terrorism in the region. For example recently Pakistan and India tried their best to normalize their relation but all of a sudden in India prime minister of UK raised the issue of terrorism. What was the logic of this statement? Just to keep away India and Pakistan again and nothing else. Before that wiki leaks reports were issued through proper channel.

In the same way when Pakistan and Afghanistan signed a trade agreement, all of a sudden American ghost got into president Hamid Karzai  and he expressed his wonder over the American behavior – not to take interest in curbing terrorism inside Pakistani premises. Karzai is well aware of the fact that it is not the mandate of the coalition forces to attack terrorists inside Pakistani territory. The American Drone attacks are killing terrorists but its ultimate result will be a direct contact of tribal people with America to stop attacks and that will be perhaps the last day of tribal area affiliation with Pakistan.

When Pakistan was eliminating terrorists at that time US started reconciliation in Afghanistan. It was again very confusing situation for Pakistan that whether to eliminate Taliban or to start reconciliation with them. Why America has done this? Just to save their puppets from humiliating defeat.

There is one another aspect whenever Pakistan and India come close to each other America starts talking about leaving Afghanistan. What is the logic behind this? Very simple, in this scenario Pakistan again looks towards afghani Taliban and tries to accommodate them in Afghanistan. This infuriates India and again they start blaming each other. Whenever India, Pakistan and Iran starts negotiating gas pipe line project, America rushes to India to convince them for nuclear deal. Again this destroys the regional efforts of coming closer to each other.

When there is no other option left to ignite the situation in Afghanistan then Osama jumps to the scene and announces such statements that help US to reorganize its energies to fight till the last. Surprisingly Mulla Omer also follows Osama and refreshes his presence in the region. Osama always concentrates on terrorist activities in western countries that also verify American fears. On the other hand Mulla Omer always concentrates on the role of Taliban in the region. Isn’t it amazing? Just like a suspense drama serial.

The American announcement of triumph and failure divides the regional nations because they start planning about the future settlement of their interests in Afghanistan. On the other hand whenever Taliban are tired and losing their hearts, America announces its weak position in the region that again rejoices Taliban and they starts regaining their energies to fight coalition forces.

Another purpose of propagation of failure, disappointment and more threats in the region, is just to get more support from the allies and to expand the war to Waziristan and Balochistan. Pakistan army and political leadership were able to sense the new dimensions of the war on terror and took the initiative in Waziristan.

Some analysts argue that US may leave Afghanistan in the mid of war. But no one reveals the future effects of this failure. How America will face the world if the goals are not accomplished? Can US justify starting any new venture in the future without completing this mission? How she will convince the world for that?

What our analysts discuss is the front end of the policies of America. The way we criticize American policies is immature. There are a lot of predictions that we guessed in the past but still we are waiting for the time they will come true. US policies have different layers. First of all she starts her policy from media war. Next stage is of direct threats. In third stage she imposes sanctions and the last stage is of imposing war.

The announcements of US failure or victory are the first step of the beginning of media war. All the neighboring countries of Afghanistan as well as the regional powers can not afford the failure of America in Afghanistan. The defeat of America may give us psychological satisfaction but in reality no one wants to see the terrorists flourishing in this region.


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