Regional coalition can bring US on track

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished Article)


In the past where there Muslims fought wars that land became a centre of prosperity. But Afghan Jihad brought misery not only for the Afghans but the whole region is now reaping what they sowed. Now Afghanistan, once the land of beauty, is the land of destruction, poverty, dearth, intrigues and helplessness.

Wishing to see Russia destroyed and disintegrate, we destroyed our own future generations and still no one knows for how long Afghanistan, the land of victorious generals, will wait to see victory and prosperity. Dieing and crying Afghans are the symbols of our wish to defeat Russia. It was a war between USSR and USA. But how many Russians died? Fifteen thousand. And Americans? I will not answer the question.

But isn’t it strange that the same infidel Russia is now inviting the same Jihadi Muslims to their land. Many Muslims young men have completed their education in different fields from Russia. Young Muslims never feared of humiliation, insult and deportation. On the other hand America, whose generals, doctors and politicians did not tire to make smiling pictures with tribal Jihadis, is now even checking our hidden body parts at their air ports. Even their visa sections are shifted to Dubai.

What are the reasons of this shift in policies? If we believe in truth and can face the reality than we must realize that Russia never thought bad of Muslims. Russia knew that only a small portion of Muslims are hypnotized by American propaganda of Jihad. That is the reason that Russia is not having bias about Muslims.

America after the cold war era brutally targeted Muslims – its time tested allies. Where there is any problem in the Muslim world there one will see the direct or indirect involvement of America. The unconditional support of America for Israel is not hidden from any one. The propaganda that Jews are very influential is totally false. Jews are pawns of America. Their this temperament have alienated them in the Middle East. Only normal relations with Arabs can bring Jews out of American trap.

Iraq Iran war was the pet project of American mentality. Attack on Iraq was an example of American brutality and treachery. Sadam was not killed for his crimes but rather his death divided Shia and Sunni communities of Iraq. At the center of Europe, Muslims states are founded in such a way that created hatred among European nations for Muslims. Iran is the next proposed target. Pakistan is always concerned about its territories. Afghans were first deprived and now despite all the consciousness and awareness of American mentality, they are at the mercy of America. Today Kashmiries have rejected the extremists of Juhadi era but their approach of solving the problem is not realistic. How India can withdraw unilaterally from Kashmir in the presence of international forces in the neighborhood.

What I am telling this not a dream or my wish to distort the facts but these are ground realities. Muslims must feel the difference in the attitudes and changing scenario of the world. We should end our relations with USA. America is hyper supper power and it is a reality. It will remain supper power for decades. But for almost a century we are allies of the western world but what we have got in this friendship and alliance. Do you see any development? Any political awareness? Any educational improvement? We must have working relationship with USA and European countries but there is an urgent need of regional coalition to stop American brutalities. Russia can be our natural ally. There is a lot of potential for Russia in our markets. China is emerging power and keenly interested in bringing real peace in the region. It is the history of India that for thousand years it did not attack its neighbors. It is one of the largest markets and neighboring countries can exploit its growing markets. Iran has the potential to meet the growing energy needs of the Asians.

Now what are the compulsions that are keeping us away from each other? Is this American politics or our own mentality? Actually it is the combination of American politics and the mentality of our selected few. Few of our selected classes have common interests with America. And these classes are sacrificing the interests of the region. These common interests consist of needs of business, politics and defense. Some segments of our business classes, politicians and army are consistently selling us every day.

It does not mean that all of us have no perception of the grave situation we are facing today. Many people have tried their best to change the route but they are failing because of their status. They don’t have roots in public and elite classes. Now it is the duty of the regional powers to come closer to regional nations and mold the public opinion. Sorry to say our regional power are even not having such TV channels which can attract Muslims, which can enlighten Muslims.

Last days Zardari and Karzai have taken the step to involve Russia in regional affairs. Indeed Russia is the power which US considers the real threat for its interests. China is still an economic power. It is not yet a political opponent. USSR did not disintegrate but as a strategy they lessen their burden. Russia in two decades strengthened its internal revolution and now ready to come out for external revolution. But this time it will not be like communist philosophy of revolution. This time its shape is of regionalism. Zardari and Karzai are not strong enough internally to oppose all the companions of US. Now regional powers will have to come forward for making organization like Asiatic Federation.

But one thing should be permanently kept in mind that we should not think of defeating US. US is hyper super power but its policies can be neutralized by alternate solutions and by owning its cards like terrorism, nuclear issue and many more. Any regional coalition must have strong working relationship with US. America has many capabilities and we must be ready to learn it. US is a treasure of knowledge and wisdom. Only its policy of hegemony is not acceptable to us. And this can only be neutralized by coming closer to each other.


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