Why Taliban can’t change their identity

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished article)


People still remember the days when Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. Still people remember the days when Taliban hanged Dr. Najeeb ruthlessly and many people were deprived of their precious body parts. Pictures of a young boy of 12 years carrying those human body parts soaked in blood, terrifying people in bazaar can still be found on internet. People still remember the game of death and terror in Mazar Sharif.

The rule of Taliban in Afghanistan was the rule of terror and fear. People do not remember any event of human mercy and forgiveness in Taliban period. Before Taliban the image of Islam was not of terror. Taliban distorted the image of Islam. Now on international level both schools of thought in Islam that is Shia and Sunni Islam have negative image. US presented both Shia Iran and Sunni Taliban as devils. Now who will dare to come close to Islam?

What were the reasons of this harsh nature of Taliban? Russia was defeated and Afghans were already fed up of wars and killings before Taliban regime. At that time Afghans needed a political reconciliation but Taliban brought a misery in shape of extremist Islam. If we think carefully capitalist powers always designed some kind of evil to mold public opinion for their international agenda. In the beginning of 20th century that evil was Hitler. After Hitler that title was awarded to communism and after communism next was Islamic extremism. Taliban deliberately facilitated US to portray that evil and it was the real reason of advent of Taliban.

So Taliban this extremist nature was the need of capitalist global agenda. And Taliban fully implemented it. Now two models of Islam in shape of Iran and Talibanized Afghanistan were living side by side. A direct attack on Iran was not possible so it was accomplished by presenting Taliban as terrorists and finally US is now in Afghanistan.

Now if Taliban were anti-America so why they could not establish relations with Russia, China and Iran. This puts question mark on Taliban’s anti-Americanism. Secondly after US take over in Afghanistan Taliban could mold their policy and can become a political party. That was not impossible. Hamas was also an armed group but now it is political. Northern alliance was an armed alliance but now it is a part of political setup.

Question arises that why Taliban preferred to fight America. If they are nationalist then it was an opportunity for them to become part of this political setup. Taliban consider Hamid Karzai as puppet of America. But by joining political setup they can kick this puppet of America out of government. But the question is that whether they are confident that people will cast vote for their extremist Islam. If not then for whom they are fighting. Again let me tell you that their this fighting agenda is helping US to stay in this part of land.

Now a days US is paving way for negotiations with Taliban. But Taliban leadership has presented some conditions for that. One of the conditions is of withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan before negotiations. It means that Taliban instead of willingness for negotiations, are demanding unconditional obedience. Now what are the expectations of supporters of negotiations with Taliban?

Broadly speaking besides many other advantages by placing Taliban in power US wants to neutralize the influence of Iran and Russia in Afghanistan. Because US war on terror has disappointed the regional countries. Russia is now a days actively working to gather the support for curbing terrorism in Afghan region. It was designed in 2001 that Russia, Iran and India will provide support to Northern alliance but US direct intervention delayed that project however now Russia is keenly interested in tightening security in its surroundings.

The presence of Taliban means the growth of terrorism and extremism and it is the US weapon to stay in Afghanistan. Taliban do not have the skills to transform into political power of party. Their first and last identity is of terror and fundamentalism. Leaving terror will cease their necessity to US who has made them undefeatable and mission impossible. Taliban do not have any unique philosophy to come forward as a political party. Even they can not use Islam as a tool because many others are also doing it.


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