Quran burning fuels fanaticism

By Farman Nawaz

We Muslims believe that the present Bible is not the original one but it is very amazing that no body dares to disgrace it. But one of my Christian friends does not believe in my this claim . He had showed me the burnt copies of the Bible too. However  The Holy Quran on many occasions ordered the Muslims to respect the non-Muslims and their belongings.

But it is a fact that religious extremism is at the peak in our region. However this religious extremism is political in nature. In our religious schools, it is taught to the students that Islam is the best religion of the world but they are never told to destroy the holy books or places of non-Muslims. This religious extremism is mainly political in nature and it is against the political domination of non-Muslims. On individual level, no one can present an example that Muslims disrespect non-Muslims on the grounds of difference in our beliefs.

I am not supporting religious extremism. We always try to make our people liberal, democratic, secular (religious tolerant), and peace loving. But all our these efforts are destroyed by some fanatics of the west. Few years back some one made the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad and now this issue of burning and disrespecting the Holy Quran is raised in the west. Now why our people will listen to us when we will try to make them patient. It is also very shocking that after this incident, American government is just expressing their concerns about the security of their troops in Afghanistan and Iraq but practically it is not taking any serious action against those people who dare to express this kind of humiliating thoughts.

A journalist, who threw shoes at President Bush, was arrested and beaten besides the fact that Mr. Bush said that this action shows that Iraqis are free. Now on the other hand a person is constantly disrespecting the Holy Quran and American government is not taking any serious action. Suppose if some one from our society announces to burn the Bible or the pictures of the prophet Christ, first of all even the common people will not allow him to do so and secondly it is sure that American government and media will recommend sanctions against that country or may be that person is arrested by Interpol and tried in Washington. Is it justice?

Once I met a missionary educationist from America and before I could ask any question, she told me that whatever you see on TV that is not America, it is Hollywood. However, whatever we see now on TV, is it again Hollywood or America?

Now the question arises that what is the logic behind setting the Holy Quran on fire. That person is a fanatic or this issue is set for some international purposes. Looking into the past we see that Islamic fundamentalism and extremism was the requirement of western powers. They needed these phenomenons to promote their international agenda in the shape of Jihad. It was their requirement in Afghanistan and Pakistan region and in Palestine as well. Islamic fundamentalism brought Hamas to power in Palestine and also promoted Jewish fundamentalism in Israel. The liberal forces in Jews were dominated by Jewish fundamentalist forces because common Jews when saw the barbarism of Islamic fundamentalism so they automatically supported Jewish fundamentalists in Israel to fight for their rights. In the same way here in our region to defeat USSR Islamic fundamentalism was the only way to motivate common Muslims for fighting against communism. So the concept of Jihad and extremism was nurtured here by international forces.

After the withdrawal of Russian forces Afghanistan was left at the mercy of warring groups. Again in 90’s Islamic fundamentalist groups “Taliban and Al-Qaida” emerge on the scene and Western allies (Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) recognized their government. How it is possible that close partners of western powers can take this step without the consent of their masters. So at last the same fundamentalist groups challenged western interests in the region and US along its allies came to Afghanistan. That is the whole story.

Now the sole reason of coming of western military to Afghanistan was to eliminate Islamic extremism. It is very easy like math equation that if there is no extremist left in the region so the well equipped army is no more needed here. It means that Islamic fundamentalism is still the need of western powers. And all these episodes of making cartoons and burning the holy Quran, are the catalysts to keep this reaction in process and accelerated. Whenever our people show some signs of peace so some one from the west starts disgracing Islam and again our people starts agitation on one hand and extremist has the opportunity to employ more innocent youths for terrorists attacks. That is the main logic behind making cartoon and burning the holy book.

Muslims must protest but in such a way that world sees us as peace loving people. Violent agitation goes against our interests. We can boycott the western products till the time our demands are not fulfilled. We can say no to their “HELP” just to compel them to arrest those people who dare to disgrace our religion. Economic boycott will compel them to listen to us. That is the only way to refrain our young people to become victim of fundamentalism and extremism.

Asia Times 31


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