Obama visit to India and the regional makeover

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished Article)


After creation of Pakistan, first Russia invited Pakistani leaders but instead of giving response Pakistan used that invitation to get attention of USA and then Pakistan inclined towards western side. Still our foreign relations experts stress that it was a good decision. If that was a good decision than why US image in Pakistan is not positive and why Pakistan is still a suspect in US eyes. But Russia should also confess that it was also its fault that its close neighbor went the wrong way and now for six decades Pakistan is cut off from its neighbors.

It is also a fact that USA became superpower after wars – world wars. It was a sudden change in world politics. World wars changed the psyche of USA. If we study the history of USA after world wars, she deliberately supported wars or situation like wars and still she is fighting two major wars in our region. And instead of making peace in Afghanistan she is making deals with warring Taliban – whose sole training is of fighting wars. USA attacked Afghanistan to eliminate all those hideouts of terrorists from where America could be again attacked but on the other side recently in India; Obama just uttered his fantasy wish to arbitrate on Kashmir issue – an issue that can trigger a nuclear war between two angry neighbors. Isn’t it again a deliberate attempt to leave a space for a war?

Till the time our people will not see a serious attempt from US side to solve our problems with India, they will never trust even sincere efforts of US. US must recognize that even Pakistan army does not trust US. The clear example of my this claim is that for decades Pakistan army has strong relations with US but still it never attempted to portray a positive image of US in Pakistan. And it is this phenomenon that even after getting the news of Chinese army presence in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistanis did not react. Will they not react in the same way if US army intervenes in tribal areas?

Last week when Obama went to India, his first sentence I heard was about Mumbai attacks. Is this the issue that can normalize our relations with India? Obama praised Islam, its good but it was a general statement which implies on all Muslims. It has nothing to do with our relations with India. What he said about stable Pakistan and its inevitability for India is not some thing new for India. Former Indian Prime Minister Gujral has said it almost a decade ago. Indians are well aware of it. We Pakistanis and Indians already knew about the gravity of Kashmir issue. Instead of expressing his views about Mumbai attacks he could talk about the removal of difficulties in Indo-Pak relations. The world media is propagating his neutral attitude in India but in reality by talking about Indian permanent seat in Security Council has again put seeds of resentment in India and Pakistan.

Though Pakistan is considering this issue of security council just a dream of India that is difficult to come true but in reality it will lead to a competition between India and Pakistan in Afghanistan where all the time US is announcing its withdrawal without defeating Taliban and Al-Qaeda – the so-called threats to American security. This American promise will compel Pakistan to balance India in Afghanistan. We all knew that this balance will not be in the shape of investment in Afghanistan but in the shape of Pakistan’s support for reconciliation with Taliban – a new American technique to leave roots of extremism for future in the region.

Pakistan must also recognize that India is an emerging power. Pakistan is of the opinion that UN is failed in solving the problems and one of its reasons is the concentration of power in five members. So Indian effort – basically an Asian effort – to get permanent seat in Security Council must be supported by Pakistan. Last days Indian foreign minister visited China and met with Chinese and Russian counter parts. It seems that China and Russia have no observations on Indian entry to Security Council. Though it will need new legislation but the question is that Why China and Russia must support India.

It is a fact that western hegemonies are taking its last sighs. In future there will be role of political alliances for dealing with various regions. USA is doing the same by coming closer to India. Though India has history of neutralism and it is hoped that India will never become a shield for the interests of others however India should not become a western ally like Pakistan. The Indian attitude towards Iranian gas pipeline is not optimistic but still it is hoped that India will not compromise on the interests of the region.

On the other side Russia and China also need India on Shanghai Cooperation Organization platform. Once Russia lost Pakistan now SCO must not lose India. Pakistan is western ally but any Indian move towards western side will compel Pakistan to compete India in the region because basically Pakistan does not trust the west in this matter. But if India comes closer to Chinese platform it will result in stabilizing the region but China and Russia will have to play a role for bringing harmony in the region.


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