The myth of American decline

By Farman Nawaz (Unpublished Article)


The rumors of defeat and economic decline of America might give us physiological satisfaction but these rumors will take decades to become reality. Nowadays all over the world political and economic analysts are telling the stories of financial upheaval in American economic system; however these stories are just the indication of any possible decline of US political influence on the world. It does not mean that America is at the verge of economic slip and after a few years she will be begging like third world countries or it will be a ruined empire like that of the middle ages.

To glamorize this inner blurred physiological satisfaction about American decline our emotional analysts ignore the ground realities and a dream of US collapse is shown to our desperate people. This technique works in two ways; on one side, the religious political clergy feel proud to publicize their previous assertions about American downfall and on the other side, the leaders of terrorist organization get a chance and argument to induce their targeted youth to accelerate their terrorist activities to give a final blow to the falling US Empire.

At this critical stage of war on terror, the news of bankruptcy of American economic system raises many questions. In this modern world of economics it seems suspicious when all of a sudden any institution comes at the verge of bankruptcy. How it is possible that American policymakers – without knowing the cost of wars and the capacity of their financial system – suggested the top leadership to start Afghan and Iraq wars. Moreover, suppose that really American policymakers miscalculated the input and output of these wars but still it is very weird and wonderful that why they announced their economic downfall at the stage when apparently terrorists were almost defeated.

The shock that disintegrated USSR, US system has absorbed seventy such economic shocks. Mostly we did not discuss the reasons that how US emerged as a superpower after world wars. At that time the economic giants collided with each other to capture the markets of the world but US invented a new method to capture the world markets. It was the exporting of machines to the other countries – a technological supremacy over other powers. Atomic bomb was also a machine that paved the way for American hegemony of machines. Other powers could not compete with US in this new game. Only Japan was clever enough to understand this new technique and it fully utilized that in civil field. Russia was legging behind because of its massive investment in defense machinery – an old way of dominating the world. USSR was not shattered by the wars but basically it had no idea of using technology for making items of daily use and to export it. Secondly Russia could not utilize its surplus money. Seeing Russian model unsuccessful, China opened its economy just to utilize its surplus capital and to sell machinery.

However, still our economic and political experts did not try to understand the way America is using diverse techniques to control the world. Our economists mainly concentrate on the production of various items of any economy. But US economy generates its fifty percent income just from services sector. This aspect is still not clearly visible in the other economies. There are different aspects of modern US economy to dominate the world. Internet is now a days a source of income and communication. This field is totally occupied by the US. Microprocessor is now an integral part of new machineries. In this field American companies have no strong competitor in the market. Even the competitors are purchasing the basic technologies from the US companies. Oil is still the main source of energy and US has maintained its strong control on this market. Other companies are trying to compete with US firms but still these companies need US support to pass their pipelines through the areas where US is still the dominant factor. Media is considered the fourth pillar of the state but on international level US media is ruling the market. We can easily check through websites like and the readership of American online newspapers. The readership of other newspapers is in thousands but American newspapers readership is in millions.  Still other powers are not able to launch scientific, educational and news channels like US. The most important aspect of US economy is to absorb the international talent.

Mostly our experts try to portray a scenario in which China and India are presented as dominant economic giants but an article written by the Spokesman of Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, is enough to open our eyes. It was published on 21 September, 2010 in an independent Afghan newspaper (Daily Outlook Afghanistan). He strongly opposed the perception that China is a superpower. He says that Pentagon is trying to force China to assume the international obligations that are beyond its capabilities. A similar sentenced was uttered by the Chinese ambassador Lu Shu Lin ten years back when I met him along with my teachers. Chinese spokesman added that Chinese per capita income is at the lowest amongst developed countries and GDP wise China stands at 93rd position. He has given dozens of examples with statistical proofs which show the real position of China in economic field.

Instead of waiting for scattering of US Empire, we must give attention to our own economies. Some of our experts are of the opinion that US is a declining power that’s why Pakistan must search for new friends. Though coming closer to other powers is the need of the time but we must ask ourselves a question that when we will be independent. For how long we will play the role of leech or parasite? Our people need solution of their problems. Neither they are interested in the devastation of USA nor can they wait for it.

US system has the capability to recover from these timely disturbances in its economy. Americans have the skills and the required institutions which can bring it back on the track. Nevertheless, we must also look into this issue from the angle that whether this rumor of American decline is a start of new economic great game. As now Russia is regaining its lost position in the political affairs of the world, so is it a new kind of American tactic to dominate the world or it was just propagated to collect maximum support for the war on terror. Is it a new kind of terrorism – economic terrorism? Because many people and countries have invested their savings in American economy so any kind of rumor about the recession in US will bring these partners close to US to save their investment.


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