The legacy of Bibi

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)


A Pakhtun kills a Sindhi leader on the soil of Punjab. Is this a coincidence? When Bibi came to Pakistan at that time our dignitaries of politics and army were afraid to move publicly. International media had declared Pakistan a ‘No Go Area’. Foreigners were hesitating to start new projects in Pakistan. Musharaf had squeezed in between internal and external elements. But she came to Pakistan and moved in public freely. Her motive was to regain the lost prestige of Pakistan.

Musharaf was having the support of PML (Q) and MQM and covert support of MMA, but what was the reason to make a deal with Bibi. Basically Musharaf government has lost its fame internally and externally. Internally the lawyers’ movement and military operations had broken his back while internationally he was losing the support of western powers for supporting some elements of Taliban. PML (Q) – a second ranked political party – and MQM – a Sindhi regional party – were not competent enough to mold public opinion in Musharaf favor. Secondly these political parties had no international political support.

Now Musharaf was left with no other choice but to collect the support of such political parties which were nationally and internationally acceptable. Bibi was not only the symbol of federation but also had international repute.  She had the guts to mold public opinion on national and international level. Though we have lost the support of those Pakhtuns in Afghanistan who respected Bacha khan but still Asfandyar Wali has the potential to influence Pakhtun leadership of Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. He has good reputation in India too. Mollana Fazal Rehman is a dynamic politician. He can work as a bridge between liberals and conservatives. MQM and PML have strong roots in their respective spheres.

Now what were the motives behind organizing this team? People may not agree but it is a fact that under the leadership of Musharaf, Pakistan army has turned semi-secular and has adopted regional approach. Its complete tilt towards China, securing the western border, sharing information with Iranian intelligence agencies, trying to solve core issues with India prove that Pakistan army has changed its perception of international relations. Having this mental approach it was not possible for Musharaf to play along with his old team. Even the old team was not having the guts to represent this new Pakistan.

We know that ‘divide and rule’ is not the strategy of China, India, Iran, or Russia to rule the world. This is the tested principle of the west to dominate the world. This new team headed by Bibi, was not acceptable to the west. People may laugh that how it is possible because US was reportedly behind this deal. But we must not forget that it is the west that is promising for six decades to solve Kashmir issue for us but have they done it. It is the west that told us that Taliban are terrorists but now the same west has started reconciliation with Taliban in Afghanistan. It is the west that has dual standards regarding democracy, human rights and nuclear proliferation. Now how it was possible for the west to facilitate the same Musharaf whom they have labeled of playing double game. How the west can facilitate the same Bibi who was once labeled a security risk by the pro-western army of Pakistan.

Now imagine how it is possible that a dying and ailing Talib leader – Bait Ullah Mehsood – who was not even able to save his own self, can kill Bibi. It was an international conspiracy to seduce a Pathan to kill a Sindhi leader on the soil of Punjab. It was a conspiracy to disintegrate Pakistan. Why Zardari when appeared on screen, shouted “Pakistan Kapay”. We could not understand at that time that why he said ‘Qatil League’. Basically he diverted the anger of Sindhis from Punjab and Pakhtoons towards a second ranked political leadership and also avoided to confront with international agencies. He eliminated virtually all those forces whose intention was to destabilize Pakistan. Could some one imagine at that time when Pakistan was burning that soon we would see peace? For three days, our national high ways were blocked. Even where we could not imagine the presence of ‘Jiyalas’, there we could see a complete shutter down.

Army was clever enough to stay in barracks at that moment. Otherwise, it could trigger the situation and could repeat the episode of 1971. However, we must think that what Bibi has left for us? What is her will? Her policy of reconciliation is a kind of historical heritage for us. Reconciliation between Pakistani political forces and establishment is not acceptable to international establishment. Because reconciliation is the opposite phenomenon to ‘divide and rule’. For six decades, our politics is deprived of reconciliation. She was killed for implanting this idea in Pakistani politics. It is right that democracy is the best revenge but democracy together with reconciliation is the best punishment for her assassins.


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