Issues Centric Pakistani Politics

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)

The way Zardari and Gilani were chosen unanimously as president and prime minister, looks like a mirage now. From the beginning, the politics of issues encircled the government. The policy of reconciliation is doing well in appeasing the politicians but the series of issues may compel Zardari to shun the policy of reconciliation – his main tool to save his government.

After few months of formation of the government Muslim League Nawaz left the government and pressurized the government to restore the judges. Media glamorized the judges’ restoration movement and hypnotized the people to start thinking about a dream of prosperity after judges’ restoration. But after judges’ restoration, politicians are now driving people towards revolution. People are now solving the riddle of revolution to see prosperity.

The Kerry Lugar Bill was an important issue for the government in the sense that it created gulf between establishment and the government. Opposition and Media fully highlighted the issue presenting the aid as an attack on Pakistani sovereignty. But surprisingly when in an interview with Pakistani media anchors, Hillary Clinton said, “If Pakistan does not need help, America is not going to impose it”, the anchors start gazing at each other and soon the issue became a non-issue.

Just like judges’ restoration issue PPP government inherited the issue of terrorism from the previous Musharaf government. Though the government has the credit to make the terrorists unattractive in society but still terrorists are active in shaking the foundations of Pakistan. On the other hand American branded reconciliation with Taliban in Afghanistan has paved a way for terrorists to emerge in society again. This reconciliation will be a legal edition of fundamentalism to our society. War against terror may seem a routine but actually it is an international game that is also deciding the fate of governments. The problem is that Pakistani people do not understand this aspect of war on terror.

People’s Party fragile coalition government is another serious threat to stability of the government. Though its every partner has tried to bargain but mostly Awami National Party supported the government even on controversial issues. While Mutahida Qaumi Movement and JUI (F) behaved irresponsibly at many occasions. This had weakened the government to work smoothly. Every partner of the government has its own philosophy of running the government. This creates difference of opinion on many issues. The opposition is always busy in pressurizing and giving suggestions to the government but practically their own provincial government is not being run on the same principles. Every month a new deadline is given to the government. But practically opposition is just preparing a collection of deadlines for political scoring. In reality, the opposition is well aware that the dream of good governance is impossible at a situation when the government is busy in war governance.

Pakistani media is also a constant headache for the government. Every decision of the government is criticized. This is a physiological fact that young people are more attracted towards criticism while old comparatively like amalgamation and statuesque. Media is successfully using this technique to turn the youth against the government. But surprisingly no alternative is given to them. Criticism seems attractive and bold act but criticism without solution is dangerous for society. However, without criticism, government cannot be run smoothly but creating hurdles for the smooth running of the government is also an issue to be addressed by the media itself.

Seeing no other option to bother the government, national and even international media is promoting the concept that Pakistan’s situation is even worse than Egypt. Pakistan is a kind volcano that can blow up any time. Various aspects of similarity and dissimilarity between Pakistan and Egypt are already discussed in media but the point that media missed to explain is the hidden wish behind this comparison. Previously the undemocratic powers tried to provoke the establishment to derail the democratic process. Now comparing Pakistan with Egypt is again the revival of the same wish. In Egypt at present army with the consent of international powers has taken the responsibility to control the situation. The undemocratic forces wish to see the same situation here in Pakistan.

It is a dilemma that our people do not understand the hidden agenda behind politics of issues. Every issue is raised with impression that its solution will bring prosperity in the country. This technique can work for sometime but people can not be deceived for long. Media must guide the people otherwise once people got disappointed from government, media and opposition, they can go into the lap of fundamentalists. Fundamentalists have ability to ensure the people of providing speedy justice. Their rosy speeches can make the situation worse for the government, establishment, and media too. Media must guide the people to use their right of vote properly in elections. The rabble-rousing nature of media will harm the media itself.


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