End of Terrorism

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)


For the last ten years we are fighting against extremists but it seems that extremists might belong to the race of “Yajooj and ‘Majooj”.  After every successful military operation against extremists we wait for their surrender but they come out with more potential to destroy our institutes and people. Media is almost no more their sympathizer. General public even if not against Taliban but are still in suspense about their reality. Limited to their own spheres of interests, Pakistani and international armies are fighting against extremists. However it is a reality that still extremists are the winners.

The reason of our failure is that we are fighting against the extremists but the need is to fight against the curse of extremism. Suppose a person is throwing dirt into the mosque every day and we start cleaning that dirt is not the solution of the problem. The best way is to stop that person from doing this heinous act. Similarly extremists have perverted mentality as well as their vested interests in the region. To isolate extremists it is the duty of the government to expose the real interests of the extremists as well as their real supporters. And to eradicate the evil of extremism there is an urgent need of making changes in the syllabus of our educational institutions. The religious madrisas should be no exemption in this respect. But before making changes in the curriculum the government should start a propaganda campaign against the extremism and extremists. Again there should be no distinction of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ extremists.

Before pointing out the particular segments whose responsibility is to change this present scenario, it is very important that our establishment will have to decide how they want to see Pakistan. Do they want to see an extremist Pakistan whose sole aim is to terrify others to fulfill its strategic aims or they want to see a Pakistan whose sole aim is to develop like its neighbors, a Pakistan which is liberal and tolerant like Quaid – e – Azam, who tried his best to a keep India united. It is evident when he accepted the proposals of Cabinet Mission Plan (1946). Our establishment must realize that only a friendly and secular Pakistan can survive. Today we have seen that religiously labeled countries had done nothing for the welfare of the region. Their own countrymen stood against the tyrannical leaders. It must not happen with politically divided Pakistan. Otherwise the consequences will not be good for the establishment as well as for the region.

Today in this modern age there are different groups of opinion making. Media is part of these groups but actually media is the main platform where different groups can come to convey their opinion to the people. Therefore media will have to change its getup.  Extremism does not only mean religious extremism but even creating harsh behaviour is also helping in turning the society extremist. The role of media in Pakistan must be conciliatory in nature. Today our media is suffering from the epidemic of glamorizing the issues and dual standards. Here I will give an example of it. Few days back media criticized Pakistan Peoples Party for protesting in Sindh against the decision of the court regarding appointment of Chairman of National Accountability Bureau but now after the decision of court regarding Raymond Davis the  same media is trying to create an opposing opinion against the court decision. Media will have to avoid such stance and in the case of extremism only media can play a decisive role. Unfortunately most of the journalists are still not playing positive role in eliminating extremism.

Two years back civil society and lawyers sincerely struggled to compel the government to restore judges. But sorry to say the attitude of the same lawyers on the subject of Salman Taseer’s murder, is now encouraging the people to become extremist. While civil society is only burning candles in memory of Salman Taseer. This environment is helping the perverted people to change the minds of youth. Unless civil society will come out to protest against extremism the people will remain in dark forever. Basically ignorance is the root cause of perverted thoughts.

Politicians also worked side by side with civil society and lawyers in judges’ restoration movement but now on the question of terrorism only few parties like ANP, PPP and MQM are expressing their concerns regarding terrorism. But we see that other parties are not condemning the activities of terrorists. Mostly they label these terrorists attacks on Pakistani institutions and people as a reaction against American policies. Surprisingly Black water is also blamed for these attacks. But the dilemma is that they don’t explain to the nation that why terrorists own these suicide attacks and why Black water is not attacking these politicians as well as terrorists. This illogical blame game is only confusing the nation. Now the nation doesn’t need the logic of terrorism but it simply wants to get rid of this menace.

Terrorists must also understand that it is only the game of their death. There is no ultimate success in this game now. Building an Islamic state in this way is just a deception. Those who support terrorists must understand that the wave of democracy, the new approach of trade in this region and the emergence of new powers in the region will cause in the end of terrorism.


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