Dumb, deaf and blind

By Farman Nawaz


According to theory of magnetism there are two poles of the magnet and it is the power of these two poles that today we are able to invent moving parts of machinery. Similarly in every field we can see two opposing poles that always remain there to make the system working. In politics too there are two poles but not in the shape of right and wrong but rather these poles are possible and impossible. Practically any pole accompanied by ‘Might’ becomes right or possible. Many people may consider it immoral but politics is the name of possibility and whatever is possible in politics that is considered right.

After cold war era the world witnessed a uni-polar world and now after emergence of various regional powers it is said that the world is now becoming multi-polar. However in reality it is still uni-polar but to make the system working there is always a need of the other pole. In the past that pole was USSR and when USSR abolished its international role than there was an urgent need of the second pole. The other pole was immediately provided by the Arabs to help western powers to implement its international policies. That Arab front was still open that Osama again an Arab, provided another pole in Afghanistan. The poles enacted by Sadam and Osama were declared immoral, wrong and impossible. However they successfully helped the West to let them run the system smoothly by providing magnetism of other pole.

It is amazing that Socialist block understood the complexities of the modern world politics and economics but Islamic countries are still providing the opportunity to western powers to establish bases around Asia and Africa. Presently the crises in Arab world were first welcomed by the Muslim world as the real protest for basic human rights. Even secular segments could not understand the new set of dimensions in Arab world. But when now western powers are helping the rebels then our so-called intellectuals are now telling the people about the secret agenda of superpowers.

It is the dilemma of the Muslim world that since decades it is not able to understand the new tactics of power game. The Socialist block is now not in confrontation with capitalist block but we Muslims are still breathing in the cold war era. Our confrontation with US reveals simply the lack of common sense on our side. The reality is that not only regional powers but even country like Iran does not want to confront Western powers. Whatever we see it is only their clash of interests in the Middle East. But in war against terror Iran is cooperating with Western powers. It is a separate problem that different powers are using terrorists for their vested interests. If ISI has contacts with Taliban so CIA is not lagging behind in this respect. Terrorists will play like puppets in the hands of others till the settlement of interests of regional and international powers.

We Muslims should ask ourselves that why China and Russia did not mostly oppose the decisions of UN. First of all US is the main deriving force in world politics and economics and siding with US is still the need of the time. Secondly the principles set by US are universal in nature. It is again a separate issue that how US apply these principles at different levels. The world can not ignore the violation of these universal principles. If we want to move ahead we will have to adopt these universal principles like democracy, human rights, peace, non-interference, nonproliferation etc.

After obeying all these principles if still international powers bother us then platform of UN is the best place for discussing issues. Germany, Russia and China all are taking their problems to this platform. It is the only way with weaker nations to stop the aggression of western powers. Of course there are many issues like Kashmir that are still not solved by UN but do we have the ability to solve these issues on bilateral level even after fighting wars. Secondly UN can only provide the space to discuss our issues; the solution still lies in our hands. The solution comes after negotiations and reconciliation.

The war on terror is fought on this soil and Taliban are the party of it. Now if rebels of the Arab world are welcomed at international level so why can’t Taliban take the issue to international organizations. But it is a reality that Taliban even does not have relations with the neighboring powers. Today Qadafi is surrounded by international forces and amid them he proclaimed that rebels belong to Al-Qaida. He did not inform the international community about terrorists in the past so how they can believe him now. He may be innocent but can he prove it on international level? Similarly Kashmiris are protesting on international level but practically still they could not convince the European Union, SCO and UN for the solution of the problem.

We will have to change our thinking to get rid of miseries. Otherwise I fear the words dumb, deaf and blind in the Holy Quran are used for us. We don’t know how to speak and protest for our rights, we don’t want to hear the solution form others and even we don not want to see the consequences of our deeds. The pole that we have selected for us is not accompanied by ‘Might’ – the might of convincing others. We are just providing them the opposing magnetic force which works to let the system run. The foes of the past are today need of the West because they turned themselves into alternate business poles. I always wonder why our regional powers are not taking serious interest in solving our problems but if we observe seriously we are playing the same role which our neighboring powers left in the past because of its impracticability. Our neighbors are fed up of this role which we consider possible and right. Even they do not believe in multi-polar world but rather their destination is multidimensional world. A world that has many facets with single body and the body is humankind. Do we have the philosophy to help our neighbors to turn the world into multidimensional society?


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