Rising literacy and the issues of good citizenship

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)

In education system examination is the final testing mechanism that verifies the capability of a student and entitles it to continue its studies in the next class. But question arises that whether educational institutions have only the responsibility to prepare these students from examination point of view or they will have to make these students good citizens of the country too. If both these responsibilities are placed on the shoulders of educational institutions so why only these children are tested from examinational point of view. How it can be made possible that these children are examined in such a way that their ability to become a good citizen and their capability to be promoted to next level, are tested simultaneously.

Today students are only prepared from examination point of view. The fairness of the students is not checked in examinations and that is the reason that they resort to any kind of unfair means to show good performance. Practically religion and morality are not stopping them from the curse of using unfair means. Only a mechanism can make this process transparent. It is found that the students who get A+ grade in exams by using unfair means are not able to pass the entry tests of professional colleges. This difference is because of applying a better mechanism.

At present boards are spending a lot of money on checking of papers and even then it can not be claimed that this process is cent percent accurate and fair. After using every possible unfair means at examination centers, in the next stage the parents of the students run after the papers and bribe the checkers to be lenient in marking the papers. The fair person whether at examination centre or in checking process is tortured and threatened. If ones own family and honor is at risk so why someone will die for the sake of transparency and fairness. Up till now even not a single school teacher is awarded any prize on higher level.

Similarly the brilliant students are first discouraged to see the conditions in examination centers and later on after results they find it difficult to be fair in the next examination. Very soon we will see that there will be dearth of hardworking students. Literacy rate is rising but are these students and their parents good citizens of the state. The dream of good governance is no more than a deception. How can these students when entrusted political and social responsibilities can guarantee good governance? A perverted child can only become a bad citizen of the state. The slogans and wishes of good governance are mere day dreaming. If some one is not fair at the first stage how can we believe that he confessed later on. Confession has a price that we are not paying. That price is to make our children the fairer citizens of the state.

It is a better option to start the same process of examination at matriculation and inter level which is used for entry tests to professional colleges. But again the advantages of this technological process will be over passed by the new mechanism of unfair means. There is another option to abolish even the centralized examination system at matriculation and inter level. If up till middle stages the government is trusting the internal examination system of educational institutions so why not at matriculation and inter level. As now a days every university is conducting its NTS tests, professional colleges have their own computerized entry tests, for PhD scholarships there are separate examinations, there are also tests and interviews for jobs, so why we are conducting centralized examination of the students at inter and matric level.

There are two methods to minimize the ratio of sins; one is to make the process very tough so that common people cannot take the risk to do it. For example alcohol is not easily available like cigarettes so we see that only limited number of people is using it. The other option is to eliminate totally a process which causes the sin. If today the examination system is causing the children to be corrupt in teenage so why should we continue such process.

The government should allot a life-time registration number to the students when admitted to school. The educational institutions must keep data of their students and they can prepare a list of those students who are successful in all the higher examinations. In this way these institutions can publicize their quality of education. This mechanism will even pressurize the educational institutions to keep a strict check internally at their education quality level. The higher number of students successful at different levels will decide the fate of that institute. Automatically it will pressurize the teaching and management staff of the educational institute.

Now if educational institutes will be free from the burden of preparing students from examinational point of view then the same institutes can play a very positive role in preparation of good citizens. Special subjects besides science subjects can be added to the syllabus that will help in preparing fair and trained students for the future. Social activities like mass awareness can easily be adjusted in the curriculum for the students that will give them the courage to face the society and to promote the truth. Students of the present age can become good citizens in the future if burden of centralized examination is removed from them. The greed of higher marks is perverting their minds during teenage.


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