Lessons from Mohali

By Farman Nawaz


“Hindus were crying when Muhammad Bin Qasim was going back from India” is the only sentence found in our books about Hindu-Muslim harmony in united India. The rest of the material is about enmity between Hindus and Muslims. Nobody bothers to know that how Muslims and Hindus lived side by side in united India for hundreds of years. Mostly in our books there is description of some sectors on Indo-Pak border which remind us the stories of wars between India and Pakistan. The places where we negotiated our problems are rarely introduced to the new generation. Everyone knows about Kargil but very few people remember Shimla.

Not only the places of peace negotiations but the people who worked for the solution of our problems are rarely discussed in our books and media. The emphasis is always on those sides which can trigger warring environment. Similarly statements which can put off the fire of hatred are ignored and harsh words are given importance in headlines. But proverb “Man proposes God disposes” is well coinciding with the new scenario setup after cricket quarter final. Mohali has got the opportunity to diffuse the tension between these two warring neighbors.

Whatever we feed to our young generation is to hate one another but it is strange that our young people are taking interest in all those activities which can play a part in making peace in the region. After being fed with hatred against India for 64 years it is surprising that our young men like to watch Indian movies. Not even today but in the past also our people loved Indian celebrities. A person like Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed who fought against India, selected Baghat Singh as his ideal.

The first lesson we learnt from Mohali is that God has fulfilled his promise. In the Holy Quran Almighty God has promised that he would support team work. God is not Rabul Muslimeen but rather He is Rabul Alameen. He loves those who obey His rules. We saw that Indian cricket team worked more cohesively as compared to Pakistan. The spirit of team work was visible from their performance. That is the reason that they won the match.

Secondly activities like sports and art can bring our young men very close to one another. A semifinal brought closer not only the political leadership but even old people too were sitting in front of TV screens to see the performance of Pakistani team. And after defeat no one abused the Indian team but rather praised their performance. But a person we missed a lot at that occasion was Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. When Rahul Gandhi can come to encourage his team so why Bilawal avoided seeing his team. It was a golden opportunity for Bilawal to come and make a place in the hearts of young Pakistanis.

Thirdly our people still has biased approach in sports. The Indian spectators could clap for Pakistani players. It was discouraging to see that Pakistani players were not supported by the crowd. The cheers of Indian crowd could soften the Pakistani hearts. But still we should be thankful that the Indian crowd did not discourage Pakistani players as it happened in the past.

Fourthly our people must understand one thing that our players are Muslims but still when they did not play according to the required tactics they lost they match. The same can happen with our security forces. We see that our security forces are not able to defeat extremists and the reason is that our security forces need a lot of training, techniques and the required spirit to defeat them. We have a mentality that our army can defeat its enemies because they have faith in God that makes them undefeatable. Our players also had faith in God but when they did not play up to mark they lost the match. Even people prayed for them in mosques. Success does not come only by wishing it and having faith in God but God almighty has taught us the tactics to be successful. We remember that in the battle of “Uhad” when Muslims did not fight according to the planning, they faced the trouble in the battlefield.

Lastly the people of India and Pakistan must learn that we have grievances against one another but for how long we will hate each other. Only by adopting proper approach we can defeat our enemy – the hatred. Near Lahore at indo-Pak border we have the opportunity to come close to each other but over there we have accumulated our forces that everyday displays the signs of hatred. What we want to show to our young generation when our army men look angrily at each other? Instead we can construct a cricket ground at our border where at special occasions our teams can play matches like the one played at Mohali. There our people can amalgamate and a constructive environment can be set for the future.


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