Al-Qaeda returns to Afghanistan

By Farman Nawaz


Few days back US and Afghan officials claimed that Al-Qaeda is reestablishing itself as a force in Afghanistan’s Korengal valley. Such claims are part of decade long war on terror. The way world did not trust Qadafi claim of Al-Qaeda presence in Libya the same is the case with US cliam. Here I will try to explain this claim from a different angle. People who watch horror movies are well aware that there is no end of horror movies. These movies revolve around stories with no proper moral. In the climax scene when actors and actresses leave the set, again a demon comes out and the viewers wait for the next episode of the movie. The same is the case with war on terror. The first movie prepared in this regard was “Osama – a threat to world’s security” and now a sequel is recently released when I saw a news heading “Al-Qaeda returns to Afghanistan”.

It is still not clear that whether Al-Qaeda had left Afghanistan during these ten years or it was hiding somewhere in Afghanistan under the auspices of US technology. It astonishes that when international forces are preparing to leave Afghanistan than all of a sudden “Al-Qaeda returns to Afghanistan”. Is US sincere in eliminating terrorism? If Al-Qaeda was thrown out of Afghanistan then where it reestablished itself. Why that place was hidden from the US and its allies? Isn’t it the failure of Western forces? If Al-Qaeda is still strong enough to recapture provinces in Afghanistan so who were killed in dozens of Drone attacks.

Another astonishing fact is that Bush won the elections in US just by his rosy speeches against terrorism and security of US but it makes us laugh when we hear that Americans are fed up of war on terror. It means that American educated people are more ignorant than Asians who are always made fool in the name of religion. Americans voted for Bush just to save America and now they are fed up of the question of their own security. How it is possible that the same Americans now wish to see their soldiers back in America. If someone says that it was their media which hypnotized them to support war on terror so what is now convincing them to withdraw their support. Isn’t it the same media?

In my article “The reality of victory and defeat in Afghanistan” published on August 12, 2010, in Daily Outlook, I clearly pointed out what is the purpose of the logic of announcing defeat or triumph in Afghanistan. The same situation which I mentioned earlier is now again repeated in Afghanistan. The war on terror is a kind of matrix that US has netted just to remain here in the centre of Asia. Few months back US was claiming the defeat of Al-Qaeda. Taliban are split in good and bad sects. But surprisingly the same defeated “Al-Qaeda returns to Afghanistan”.

Sitting here in Pakistan I don’t know what Afghani people are thinking about their future but it seems dark to me. In the past I felt sorry when Pakistani politicians and journalists derided President Karzai of his weak government limited to Kabul only but I think they were right. If in the presence of international forces, Al-Qaeda can reestablish itself in Afghanistan it means that Karzai government was really limited to Kabul.

This could be the reason that Pakistani army in spite of international pressure, did not agree to withdraw its support from Haqani group. I think they were fully aware of American nature and its drama of war on terror. They knew that the ghost of Al-Qaeda will return to Afghanistan. In that case the US supported Al-Qaeda can only be neutralized with “Good” Taliban of Haqani group because Al-Qaeda can never ask for a share in Afghani government.

When the drama of reconciliation went out of control of US and Pakistan owned this process so a new drama of Al-Qaeda return to Afghanistan was prepared to set a new stage for the sequel of “Osama – a threat to world security”. Taliban has the advantage to get support from Pakistani army and get involved in political process of Afghanistan but no country in the world can own Al-Qaeda – the undying demon. So process of reconciliation is again in jeopardy.

I have noticed that Al-Qaeda claims are always telecasted by Western media. Why they are not sending their special announcements to local media? The local media can earn a lot by telecasting their announcements. It is suspicious that why Al-Qaeda send its special messages (a source of income for media) to western enemy media.  It also astonishes that how Al-Qaeda upgrades its websites. The location from where the site is upgraded can be detected in seconds. And the terrorists can be arrested or killed easily.

The recent announcement by US and Afghan officials about return of Al-Qaeda is no more than a deception. They are setting the prospect for the next sequel of horror movie. When movies like the War against Taliban and Reconciliation with Taliban could not make a place on box office so now international establishment is working on new project.


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