Getting rid of stains

By Farman Nawaz


The death of Al-Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin Laden is still controversial in the sense whether it is a sign of mistrust between Pakistan and US or it was a clear sign of understanding and establishment of new relations between CIA and ISI. There are two perceptions that it may be a gift of Pakistan to US at the start of withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan. And the second perception is that it was the reaction of US about the Pakistani effort of lobbying for China.

The first perception has the argument of visit of ISI Chief Shuja Pasha to US at its back. It is presumed that this operation was settled there in the US. The two suicide attacks on Mollana Fazal ur Rehman and consequently his visit to Brussels may be have links with the same settlement of ISI and CIA. But the strong reactions of Afghanistan and India against Pakistan and Chinese effort to side with Pakistan after this operation give strength to the second perception.

It will take time to discover the real situation but if the first option is true then it can lead to some new developments in the region. If the death of Osama does not lead to agitation in Pakistan and terrorist organizations too do not start their terrorist activities in Pakistan then surely Pakistan may start taking strong measures against Taliban in tribal belt. Increasing American confidence will give Pakistan a hope to disown its strategic assets and start the long awaited military operation in tribal belt.

The other possibility of the first perception may lead to establishing a new understanding between Pakistan, Afghanistan and US. It is possible that Pakistan brings Afghan Taliban to table talks with Afghan government and the armed Taliban of Haqqani group may be adjusted in the reconciliation process. It will give Pakistan a satisfaction of securing its western border and a hope of strong pro-Pakistan lobby in Kabul.

However if the first perception is wrong then the second perception means a start of new game in the region where few anti-American forces will emerge and a new blame game to start. Whatever Wall Street Journal published if it is true then it is positive sign that Pakistan has started to move towards regionalism. But it is not the way to come closer to few regional countries and ignoring others. Changing partners during the war is a kind of psychological disorder. Regional partnerships must be based on economical cooperation. Political lobbying is the last stage. For Afghans Americans are a blessing who made them awake from the nightmare of Taliban. During Taliban cruel regime the regional powers did nothing for crying Afghans. US attack on Afghanistan was a hope for them to get rid of dark ages. On the other hand we see that not only US but China also supported Zia – the godfather of extremists and fundamentalists. China’s this kind of non-interference is not admirable. China will have to change its attitude of non-interference. She will have to break her apprehensive silence about evils. Then weaker nations can rally around China.

The consequences of second perception are well known. US can start a new campaign against terrorists in Pakistan. Last day Hilary Clinton has showed the American will about the expected new War on terror. This operation can become a threat for the sovereignty of Pakistan. But Pakistan will have to support this operation because we have also supported US attacks on Afghanistan. If the same threats are found here then how can we convince the west to leave it for us? Today I heard on TV about the US concerns about Mullah Umer and Quetta Shura. It gives strength to the second perception. But Pakistan will have to close all those openings from where US can enter. That is the only solution. US has the argument of ISI relations with terrorists. We may not believe but now after Osama’s death in Abbotabad, the world will not hesitate to believe it. Can we prove that Osama was not here? It was US intrigue to trap us. The presence of Osama near Pakistan army base has raised a lot of questions and now we have no other option left but to eliminate the terrorists from our own land.

These so-called assets will reduce us to rubble. Once Taliban too considered Osama as their asset and today we see that their government is the story of past. The regional powers did not bother to stop US to enter Afghanistan neither today has the world had the moral power to stop US from attacking Libya. Once US convinced the world about ISI involvement in protecting Osama, she will not take a moment to decide the fate of Pakistan. These slogans of alliance will in a little while turn into threats. There is only one solution of face saving. We will have to now wash these stains from our clothes. We must fear from the time when the world will tear up our clothes.


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