Stitched lips

By Farman Nawaz


American dual standard in global politics is a fact that is now given less importance in media. America has always contributed in bringing war and instability in different regions but still its slate is clean. The lips are stitched because of the dependence of organizations and countries on US contributions in the shape of aid, charity, loans, trade relations, oil politics, nuclear politics and political leverage.

I do not support armed struggle but isn’t it hypocrisy that US supports the rebels in Libya while Kashmiri armed struggle against Indian forces is never given importance. Similarly isn’t it alike when Pakistan supports Afghan Taliban or Kashmiri fighters imitating US support for Libyan rebels or Tibetan exiled leader? So why Pakistan’s ears are always pulled for this? US dropped nuclear bombs on Japan killing thousands of innocent people while Chinese nuclear assistance to Pakistan is always opposed. Gas from Turkmenistan to India via Afghanistan and Pakistan is acceptable to US but the same kind of deal with Iran is a sin. US reconciliation with so-called good Taliban is the key to success in Afghanistan while Pakistan affiliation with Afghan Taliban, whose Islamic dictatorship somewhat similar Saudi Arabian brand of Islam was overthrown by the US, is given the name of providing safe heavens to terrorists. Islamic punishments prevalent in Saudi Arabia are overlooked while the same laws were criticized in Afghanistan. US always gave support to radical governments in Pakistan while secular and liberal parties get tuff time whenever in government. Isn’t it a truth that whenever and wherever US interests are at stake those problems are solved within months?

Today US is busy in preaching and praising its role against terrorism and had a freehand in dealing with terrorist organizations. But the fact is that today US is ready to give a share in government to radical elements in Afghanistan. Who is responsible to misjudge the power of terrorists? Was it a misjudgment or preplanned end of the game? Isn’t it a fact that the existence of extremist Taliban in this region is equivalent to the establishment of Jewish state among Arabs? To put reins to Arabs a Jewish state was established in Arab world. It was also proclaimed that Jews are very powerful in the Western world that’s why this Jewish state was imminent. Similarly today US is proclaiming that Taliban are an integral part of Afghanistan that is why getting rid of Taliban is impossible. As a result in future the resources of Afghanistan and stakeholders of the region can be easily controlled like Arabs and their resources.

For six decades Kashmir is the core issue between India and Pakistan. In the beginning US inclined towards Pakistan and this refrained India to sit with Pakistan. Till the time India sided with USSR, US overlooked the armed struggle in Kashmir. Today when India and Pakistan are coming closer to one another then all of a sudden Mumbai episode takes place and now again when these two warring neighbors want to bury the past then Kashmiri leader is arrested in US declaring him an ISI agent. These are not twists of fate but somewhere someone is planning it very tactfully. Who it could be other than US because American CIA is the only intelligence agency that has the history of having strong links with Jihadi organizations to defeat communist Russia.

The problem is that – I don’t know why – the serious journalist circles take no interest in the facts I mentioned. These are simply dubbed as conspiracy theories and then the preference which is really needed regarding the aspects I have narrated is diverted towards the issue how to go forward with the US. And the reason is that today US has so many faces that compulsively the world tries to go along with the US. In European nations it is a common perception that siding with the US means development. Even countries like China and Russia do not oppose US on many issues.

The reins of the world politics and technology are in the hands of US and consequently US also rule the world of opinions and ideologies. Today US is a kind of stream of Pegasus which is now a source of ideologies for world intelligentsia. It is not a sin to follow US in the fields of knowledge, science and technology but shrouding its political crimes has led us to the present situation where covertly everyone criticizes US but overtly on media everyone has stitched its lips. Not only US but we have also double standards.

Now the question is should we continue with the same hypocrisy or there is any way out of this one way tunnel of American two-faced friendship. For how long our this behavior will benefit us? Are we waiting for the day when there will be a multi-polar world? But what is the guarantee that even then we will start calling a spade a spade. In fact the solution is not to look towards other powers to get rid of US. Getting freedom from one and adopting slavery of the other is not a long lasting solution. Wearing shackles even made up of gold is slavery. The only way is to determine clearly the nature and terms of our relationship with the US and open our doors for all. We will have to point to the wrongdoings of the US and all other time tested friends. But not in the way Iran is doing. Hostile nature is never welcomed at world level. Decent criticism can result in the dissolution of the rule of jungle of US.


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