Laying siege to Imran Khan

By Farman Nawaz

It is said that Imran Khan is the last hope of the people to get rid of corrupt politicians. I still remember his procession on Kakul Military Academy road Abbotabad, sitting in Pajero accompanied by acclaiming young men. At that time no one raised the objection that he was a puppet of the army. However the question is why his services were not acknowledged in 90’s when he was wearing the crown of world cup victory as well as social services and that era was also well-known for clamoring of corruption.

When Supreme Court of Pakistan and indirectly the pardon of Nawaz Sharif authorized Musharaf to rule Pakistan, Musharaf at that time exploited Imran Khan and Ajmal Khatak as his propaganda tools. At that time I was working as internee sub editor at an English daily of Peshawar. Our seniors were directed to accommodate the news stories of Ajmal Khatak and Imran Khan on front pages. But even then Imran khan could not succeed to win more than one seat.

No matter what happened in the past but Imran is now a growing politician. Media is in fact promoting him as a clean politician. People’s Party too does not often issue statements against him. But PML-N confusion is noticeable and it seems that Imran khan is fabricated to balance PML-N in Punjab. Division of PPP in Punjab, the suggestion of separation of South Punjab, PML-Q  and now PTI emergence  are all such phenomena that can affect the politics of PML-N in Punjab.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf often targets the myths of good governance of the federal as well as Punjab government. I have observed that  PML-N and PPP representatives on media are still not able to argue with PTI representatives. Mostly PTI is derided of Imran Khan’s scandalous and licentious past, no experience of politics and now the hidden support of the establishment.  However PTI is having an upper hand in discussion on media.

On the other hand when PTI is asked to present its solution of the present problems, then it too does not have a logical way out of the present situation. For example Imran Khan stated in his Lahore address that PTI will introduce the system of election of Police Station’s In-charge on American pattern.  But media did not object that how can a government servant contest an election and secondly who will cast votes for the contestants. Will it not open another way of corruption both for police officers and politicians? Similarly Imran added that ‘Patwari’ system will be computerized to control corruption. Again no one objected that most of the organizations in Pakistan are already computerized like WAPDA, PIA, and CBR etc and despite computerization corruption still rules there. PTI another discrepancy is its distrust on the judicial system. Still it is on the record that Imran often claimed that restoration of  Chief Justice Iftakhar Muhammad Chowdry will confer freedom to Judiciary. Now when in media discussion it is advised to PTI that it must take the issue of corruption to judiciary then it shows its mistrust on judicial procedure. Strangely PTI also claims that the present system is just and perfect, only there is need of honest people to run it. Chief Justice is undoubtedly honest why Imran did not take the cases of corruption to Supreme Court.  Imran’s new prank is his declaration of establishment of a PTI’s committee to check the assets of politicians. But where he will submit his report? To Supreme Court or election commission? Does he trust these institutes?

Imran announced today that his next procession will be in Karachi and its motive is to remove the misunderstandings between Pakhtoons and Urdu speaking people of Karachi. But do these people acknowledge him as an arbitrator? PML-N asserts that elections under Zardari are not acceptable to it while PTI asserts that it will do its best to compel the government to conduct fair elections. Isn’t it a trust in Zardari?

PTI basics of foreign policy are still a secret. His ideas about Kashmir issue, Afghanistan’s sovereignty, Iran’s role in the region, Russian and Chinese involvement in Afghanistan, US basses in Pakistan and Afghanistan, trade with India, and Pakistan’s image as a religious or secular state are still not clear to people. His silence about foreign policy shows his kneeling down in front of establishment.

Since 1947 we have experienced many models of politics. Political pundits of every political era had a different slogan to deceive the public. “Pakistan Ka Mutlub Kia”, “ Meray Aziz Humwatno”, “ Roti Kaprha aur Makan”, “ Nizam-e-Mustafa”, “Rosi dahriay”, “Sharia”, Jihad fe Sabeelulah”, “ Go America Go”, “ Jag Punjabi Jag”, “ Lur O Bur Yo Afghan”, “ Khpala Khawra Khpul Ikhtiar”, “ Karz Utaro Mulk Snwaro”, “ Sab Say Pehlay Pakistan”, “ Amrikyon ka Aik Ilaj Al-Jihad Al Jihad”, “ and now Imran’s politics of “Change and last hope of justice”. Let’s see how he plays along with his mostly second ranked politicians.


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