What does make Zardari “Bhari”?

By Farman Nawaz


In 1999 Musharaf had a good reason to twist the arm of elected prime minister. Nawaz was taken to court and sentenced to life imprisonment but the aspect which could get him rid of the deride of begging for life and property, could be his decision to stay in the prison and fight for the restoration of his parliament of two third majority and democracy.

Nawaz Sharif begged for pardon and went out of Pakistan and then no one dared to raise the voice against the injustice that why the parliament was punished. Though there were some voices but Nawaz’s pardon made everyone dishearten and then it was easy for the dictator to gather Nawaz friends around the banner of PML-Q. This was the reason we see that nobody bothered to welcome Nawaz when he tried to come back to Pakistan. At the time when he was arrested and assembles were dissolved, Even his allies did not come out in protest to save the democratic system. Rather sweets were distributed to welcome the dictator.

Now again history is repeating itself and the elected prime minister and president is in confrontation with the establishment and judiciary. But Zardari, who is now well trained in dealing with the judiciary as in the past he did not opt to beg for pardon, is using legal tactics and loopholes in the law to avoid implementation of Supreme Court decisions. “Diamond cuts Diamond” is his strategy. The delaying tactics which he is using is a part of our judicial system. It also happens in our session courts on daily basis but Zardari is unfortunate in the sense that media is highlighting his tactics.

Let’s agree that Zardari might be corrupt but we must also agree that presently Zardari is really “Bhari” as compared to Nawaz. The way he is managing crisis today, Nawaz and Bibi had surrendered in such circumstances. Unlike Nawaz, Zardari is smart in the sense that he convinced his diverse allies to stand at the back of the government. Looking back to UBL issue in Abbotabad, we find Zardari active as he became part of the band wagon to divert the attention of the international community. Declaring the death of Usama as a great victory was the need of the time. Nawaz could not do that after exploding nuclear bombs at Chaghi and his endeavors to save economy too did not bear fruits.

Unlike Nawaz, Zardari did not attack court but rather he engaged the court in such cases that infuriate the judiciary but judiciary will have to solve the issues. Reopening of Bhutto case is a burden on the conscience of judiciary. Similarly the recent meeting between Zardari and Kiyani is an endeavor to create understanding among the institutions. Zardari did not attempt to divide the establishment as Nawaz did in the past but rather he relied on showing his political strength and it seems that he is successful in his this planning.

Zaradri and Co. is defamed because of many factors, now what will make Zardari successful in the future is the real challenge for him? The only external challenge for Pakistan People’s Party is the negative image of president Zardari. Corruption, Zardari and People’s Party is a 3D picture. Bilawal and Fatima cards can liven the spirits of ‘Jiyalaz’ but satisfying media is a ‘mission impossible’ for People’s Party.  It is a fact that president Zardari is a ‘Sphinx goddess’ and it is very difficult to read his mind but now let’s wait how he prepares his party for the battlefield in the expected elections in October.


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