Renovating Ideologies

By Farman Nawaz


Ideologies are always the source of motivation and guidance for the nations to achieve their goals. An individual can live his life without an ideology but nation without an ideology may have to impawn its conscience and sovereignty. It is debatable that ideology first emerges or goals but it is a fact that national goal without a national ideology is difficult to accomplish.

In Pakistan we are conducting political experiments without a political ideology. The slogans chanted by political pundits like “corruption free society”, “ national sovereignty”, “ free judiciary” , “ superiority of the parliament” , “ Islamic model of society”, “ rule of the middle class” are not ideologies but rather these are political goals. Ideologies determine the goals and then politicians determine the way to get to those goals. For example two national theory determined the identity of Muslims in the subcontinent and then All India Muslim League adopted the way of dividing the country to get to the goal.

After the accomplishments of goals ideologies can be renovated. For example the great Chinese leader Mao used socialist ideology to revolutionize the Chinese nation but then Deng renovated the ideology and once said “it does not matter whether the cat is white or black but it must catch the rat”.

Today we must realize that whether the same old two nation theory can liven the hearts of the new generation. Secondly the concept of two nation theory and the efforts to normalize relations with India cannot go together. Two nation theory teaches hatred against Hindus while normalizing relations with India needs openness of the minds. Is it useful to propagate two national theory and anti-Americanism simultaneously? Do the thoughts of Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam compel the new generation to start thinking about the challenges ahead of us?

I do not mean to criticize old theories or personalities but I wish to say that just like Chinese we also need such a cat that can catch the rat. Two Nation theory played its role in creation of Pakistan and now we need renovation of ideologies. The same two nation theory now does not help us to run the state of Pakistan.

In Islamiyat though we are teaching our students the concepts of Human rights (Haqooq-ul-Ibad) but practically the concentration is on the tangle between early Muslims and Infidels of Quresh and the concept of fear of God. That is the reason that our Islam is confined to Haqooq-Ullah (God’s rights) while human rights are violated every day without any hesitation. Most of my students justify using unfair means in examinations. The respect of teachers, girls, neighbors and elders are just topics of the syllabus for them.

Now it is the time to renovate our ideologies. If I wish to set such a syllabus which concentrates on the concept of Human Rights (Haqooq-Ul-Ibad) really it will not make me infidel. It is the need of the time. Suppose I wish to say that two nation theory is not valid now, it will not make me anti-Pakistan. It is the time we should start thinking about renovation. Again we need a theory that can encompass our local and foreign policies. A theory that can point out our problems and then can tell us the strategy. A theory that neither denies the religion nor teaches hatred against secular forces.

In the past Two Nation Theory was propagated properly and then the goal of separate state was set, similarly today again a new theory (National Development Theory or Theory of National Sovereignty or Theory of Reconstruction of Pakistan) must be formulated, propagated and then goals must be determined to drive the nation to come out of abyss of ignorance and poverty.


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