Duality in Pakistani Politics

By Farman Nawaz

The dilemma of having dual standards in politics is common all over the world. Western nations also use this heinous technique to accomplish their agenda but they do it so cleverly and legally, wrapped in garb of principles, that it is difficult to point it out. But here in Pakistan these dual standards are applied in haste and even a common man can understand the hypocrisy.

The issue of Dr. Shakeel Afridi is an example of the above mentioned hastiness. When he was arrested it was propagated that he helped CIA to find out Osama bin Laden. It is also surprising that why Americans disclosed the identity of the person who helped them secretly. Secondly is it logical to arrest a person and to label him a traitor for the event which was also labeled ‘Great Success’ by the government of Pakistan. Pakistani agencies also stuck its nose in and declared that Abbottabad operation was possible only because of theirs help. Now again Dr. Afridi is sentenced in hastiness and now legal observations are raised about the punishment.

Very recently Pakistani judiciary has opened a Pandora box of dual citizenship. As usual mostly politicians of governing party are targeted for their dual citizenship. The main reason of the suspension of the membership of these politicians is the oath they have taken for getting foreign citizenship.  It is said that a person who have taken an oath to safeguard the interests of another country, how can he become a member of the parliament and can take part in legislation for Pakistani nation.

I have an objection (for the time till someone can convince me) about the decision of the court and the particular clause of the constitution. If the law forbids allowing a person of dual citizenship to take part in legislation for Pakistanis so can I raise the question about a person of foreign nationality that has taken oath to protect the interests of another nation but welcomed officially to listen his blames and opinions about the patriotism of Pakistani?

Why Mansoor Ijaz, an American national, was given permission to speak about the person who is having Green Passport. Why he was allowed to talk about the conspiracy in which he was also the main character? How – in a matter of national security – we can believe in a person who is not having Pakistani citizenship and has taken oath to protect American interests? Isn’t it a duality in judicial procedures?

Few months back PTCL banned nude websites in Pakistan but after a week or so I heard that now software are available that hide the original IP and deceive the gateway software of PTCL.  Now young people are enjoying visiting nude websites. It is the age of Technology. Isn’t it possible that Mansoor Ijaz – a wealthy businessman – may have hired a programmer to hide the original system code of any Black Berry mobile and created the duplicate code and IP of Hussain Haqqani’s mobile? It is not a conspiracy theory but it is possible in computer field. Mansoor Ijaz – foreign national – blamed our locals and our courts ignored the law that Pakistani nationality is must for the true patriotism. Couldn’t court ask Mansoor Ijaz to apply for Pakistani Citizenship (Also saying goodbye to American citizenship) to be trust worthy? Secondly when the same Mansoor Ijaz blamed that that ISI Chief met with Saudis to get rid of Zardari then no body demanded resignation from ISI Chief.

The concept of morality and resignation is also a fashion in Pakistan. Prime Minister is several times targeted to resign on moral grounds but now when the son of Chief Justice of Pakistan is blamed for corruption now Chief Justice is not resigning on moral grounds. By the way Kofi Anan also did not resign when his son was blamed for selling Iraqi Oil. Clinton too did not resign when he was brought to court in Monica scandal. Chief Justice of Pakistan too did not resign when he was labeled “Pharaoh” by Ahmad Ali Kurd and “Dictator” by Asma Jahangir.

There are different examples available that tell the story of duality in Pakistani politics and give an opportunity to others to laugh at us. But here the hypocrites will label the people like me as traitors. But I think criticizing one’s own nation is purely Islamic. I have learnt this from Hazrat Jafat Tayar, brother of Hazrat Ali, who criticized Quresh in the Court of Negus. Pointing out nation’s mistakes can help us to build the nation.


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