Unwanted expediency will ruin us Mr. Putin

By Farman Nawaz


God knows better what the inner story is but the unexpected postponement of Russian president visit to Pakistan can shatter the dreams of regional cooperation into pieces. Uncle Sam, strangling Pakistan, would be puffed up with arrogance and joy.     It is a fact and we must not feel shy to say it that once the support of Russia and China regarding UN Security Council decision about Iran has encouraged US and NATO to launch operation against Libya. Today Libya is completely under the hegemony of Western forces while Syria could be the next expected prey – eventually an end to the Russian interests in the region. Russia and China must also take it into consideration that next aggression could be directly against the interests of Shangai Cooperation Organization.

Russia and China must confess it that they, even working collectively, cannot push US back in the Arab region. In the oil rich Arab region US has strong roots penetrated deep in the monarchy as well as so-called democratic systems. And just like Taliban even common Arabs like their rulers do not wish to look towards the regional powers. Arab region is totally now out of control of Beijing and Moscow.

India, the founder of non-allied movement, but being an opportunist always enjoyed the companionship of rival superpowers in the past and still leaning towards US but not cutoff from its friend of the past. However Russia’s present tilt towards India could result in the political and geographical collapse of the Pakistan – already trapped in maelstrom. Before the fall of Dhaka there was a pandemonium of six points of Sheikh Mujeeb and today again Sardar Mengal of Baluchistan, repeating the history of 1971, has presented six points before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Pakistan is again standing at the crossroads and facing the same situation of 1971, where Pakistan was desperately waiting for American fleets while Russian help to India added fuel to the fire. Today politically, economically and strategically trapped Pakistan is looking towards Russia for help to swallow the bone of Afghanistan and to save its integrity. Today Russia must also think whether it will rehearse its previous role of cold war era or it has changed its point of view.

Russian expediency at this stage will unquestionably lend a hand to US to make its hold strong on its war on terror drama to decide the future of the boundaries of Russia and China. The present Russian – Chinese efforts to save Syria will never see a success as they have committed blunders in case of Libya. And the same will happen in case of Pakistan and Iran if China and Russia are only be concerned about their trade and relations with the West. It is a fact that national interests must be preferred but in defense of vested interests one must not play with the future and expectations of the region. Any wrong decision can lead to the subjugation of the region for decades.

Any hallucination cannot in any way help Russia to come out from its lair. If Russia is really interested in playing a role in the region then matter of Pakistan is the most important one. Pakistan is still having a clean slate. Its army is busy in fighting the war on terror which is also internationally acknowledged. Democratic setup is intact. Judiciary is free. Civil society is growing. And there is no threat of rebellion like Libya or Syria. These factors can facilitate Russia to work here smoothly and for long time. Once Pakistan disintegrates or it faces situation like Libya and Syria then Russia will only repent.


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