Attack on Malala: Operation in NWA

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

Today Malala, just like Bouazizi of Tunisia, is fighting for her life in hospital. However, unlike Bouazizi, it seems that her sacrifice might be wasted because unfortunately Pakistanis are not unified like Tunisians.

The difference between Malala and Bouazizi is that Bouazizi revolted against the corrupt system while Malala became victim of the controversies of fundamentalist society. Salutes to Tunisians that they kept continue the struggle against the corrupt system and chanted “we will avenge you Bouazizi”. But here in Pakistan some leading politicians and journalists are confusing the nation. The way they are fabricating pretences for suicide attacks similarly in Malala’s case they have started pointing fingers towards the coalition of Pakistan with US in war on terror, ignoring the fact that Taliban has publically announced that she was targeted for her efforts for education and freedom for women.

Some journalists have raised the questions that everyday innocent Pakistani women and children are killed in drone attacks but media is not highlighting their deaths. These analysts and journalists are ignoring the fact that the people killed in these drone attacks are either terrorists or the family members of the facilitators of terrorists. Secondly why always the dead bodies are taken by Taliban. Confusing attack on Malala with the drone attacks is basically a conspiracy to justify the heinous act of Taliban. The question arises why American drones are not hovering over the other neighboring countries like Iran, China, Central Asian Countries and India.

The Imran Khan’s statement about struggle of Afghani Taliban and phrasing it ‘Jihad’ is the indication of his political immaturity. Indirectly Imran is seducing the youth to go to Afghanistan and take part in terrorism. Would he like to give the same suggestion to Pakistan Army? And finally why he is wasting his time in Pakistani politics? It would be better for him to join the ranks of Afghani Taliban to enroll his name in martyrs. I think he has forgotten the atrocities committed by Afghani Taliban during their regime in Afghanistan. If he likes that model of government then I think Tehrek-e-Insaf Pakistan is wasting its time in parliamentary politics.

It is very regrettable that only drone attacks are irritating us while the barbarism of terrorists could not appealed to our conscience. The murder of Benazir could not make us united against the terrorists. Attacks on Pakistan army could not awaken us. The suicide attacks on innocent people and mosques have still not opened our eyes that what kind of rules terrorists wants to impose on Pakistani society.

Living in a Talibanized society, Malala dared to speak against the attacks on schools and the perils of fundamentalism. Imran Khan and Mollana Fazal-ur-Rehman, having strong support of their parties cannot even think of it. Many journalists are of the opinion that attack on Malala is conspiracy to launch North Waziristan Operation. Considering it a conspiracy to engage Pakistani army in Waziristan, they have started conveying their valuable opinions by writing articles to convince Pakistan army to ‘Think before leap’.

The mission of Malala is to create an environment where education and development can survive. Confusing the attack on Malala with Waziristan Operation will dump the results of sacrifice of Malala. Regrettably our ‘responsible’ media has started the debate about the coverage given to Malala attack. In the past this kind of debate could not be started regarding issues such as memogate where a foreigner was blaming Pakistani institutions and president of Pakistan.

Suppose attack on Malala is an international conspiracy to compel Pakistan army to start operation in North Waziristan but as a sensible and responsible nation instead of starting this operation we can at least now start a debate about the mentality of Taliban. This will surely benefit us in the near future.

We have a dilemma that we present our own opinion as facts. At least we must tell the readers about the facts and opinion. I think that vested interests will waste the sacrifice of poor Malala. It’s my opinion and may be fact too.


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