Who will threaten us now?

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

Leader of Shiv Sehna – an Indian extremist and nationalist party – Bal Tackaray is no more alive to issue his threatening statements to provide breaking news headlines to print and electronic media of Pakistan and India. Shiv Sehna has lost a dynamic leader who kept the party alive just like ours Qazi Hussian Ahmad of Jamat-e-Islami whose exit as an ameer of party has affected the party’s line of action.

Though Jamat-e-Islami’s reaction to Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpai visit to Lahore in Nawaz Sharif government was more severe than shiv sehna protests but it is also a fact that Jamat did not always behaved in this way. While Shiv Sehna we see always is active in opposing Pakistani cricketers and actors. Recently Bal Tackaray opposed expected Pakistani cricketers’ tour to India. Similarly Pakistani artists’ participation in Indian programs was too opposed by Shiv sehna. Even Pakistani artists were threatened and attacked during recording of the programs.

May be many people will be happy to listen the news of death of this political demon but as a teacher I am very disappointed to hear about his death. He was a villain of my subject Pakistan Studies. He provided an argument to me to justify the hatred sowed against Hindus in Pakistan Studies. Though my students provided me dozens of events and personalities to change my viewpoint about the role of Hindus and India but politics of Bal Takaray was my strong point to show them the real face of Hindus and India. He was providing constantly an argument for justification of Two Nation Theory and Pakistan Ideology.

My students are of the opinion that Muslims and Hindus are living peacefully in Arab states, United States, UK, and even in India too, Khans are ruling Bollywood, Mollana Azad was education Minister of India, Abdul Kalam was Indian Scientist as well as president and even now its foreign minister is Muslim, Pakistani singers and artists are working in Bollywood. But instead of being dumbfound I had the strong support of Bal Tackeray statements to make their mouths shut. He was an all-time villain of my hate stories against Hindus and India. Will Shiv Sehna be able to provide me my next villain so that I can spellbind my students? I need an active villain like him so that I may not depend on his previous statements to provide fuel to the hatred against Hindus and India.

Like Western powers that create an enemy for implementation of their policies I also need pretence to provoke my students against India and Hindus. People are now clever enough to discard the fabricated stories of the past. It does not appeal to their emotions what happened in the past. The present perspective of peace attracts them more than the blood-spattered past. Now the stories of Hindu-Muslim tangle do not appeal to their emotion. Either we will have to bury the past or the second option is that we need personalities like Bal Tackeray to seduce the youth.

The present book of Pakistan studies of class 9 for Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa has been prepared in such a way so that a positive shape can be given to the bitter fact of division of India. But also depends on the mentality of the teachers how they are molding the viewpoint of the immature youth. In the past the policy of Jihad has perverted the minds of our young generation but now scenario is changed and hardliner party like  Jamat-e-Islami has accepted Pakistan’s tilt towards Russia and India. Similarly in India too extremist parties are failed to get the attention of the public. Bal Tackerary was no more than the last knell of the dying extremism in India.

We must also hope for the end of extremism in Pakistan. It is disgusting that US, Afghanistan and Pakistan are talking about reconciliation with extremists and extremists leaders are released from prison. It simply means reconciliation with terror and extremism. If it comes true then sacrifices of people like Malala will be wasted. Extremists like Bal Takaray will never born again in Indian system but here in Pakistan extremists are generated like industrial products.


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